Homestead Holidays: 2 Gluten Free Cookie Recipes

This wraps up my cookie baking for the holidays. I have one more canning recipe to share tomorrow but then I move onto making fudge in the next day or so and then it is on to planning and preparing for the Christmas Eve dinner for my family.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I have a few GF family members so I like to make sure I have goodies that everyone can enjoy. So both these cookie recipes are gluten free.

The first is Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. Basically I used the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe and subbed my own GF flour mix for the flour called for in the recipe. They turned out well after a bit of experimenting. I found they browned on the edges before the centers looked cooked enough. So it was a matter of finding the right time to remove them from the oven without over baking the edges. About 10 minutes seemed right (but you will want to check yours as oven temps seem to vary). The centers finished baking without issue and the cookies are soft and yummy.
My GF flour mix (print version)


The second cookie was Monster Cookies, that are not all that monstrous in size! :) Pretty average. This recipe was very easy to make and super good!! It calls for M&M’s (called “multi-colored chocolate candies” in the recipe) and I purchased a bag that was only red & green M&M’s. Made them look a bit more festive, at least I think.

You can find the recipe here: 



  1. the measurement for the Xanthan Gum in your GF Flour recipe is that a tsp or a tbsp. Thanks Clare


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