Menu Monday!

Hamburger stroganoff, french bread, salad

Bibimbap – a traditional Korean dish of rice & veggies (with chicken added) that Leanne is making us for dinner

Gino’s East deep dish pizza copycat recipe, salad

Pork chops, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans

White bean chicken chili, tortillas chips & salsa, veggie platter

Lasagna, french bread, salad

Fish sticks, brown rice, salad



  1. I find it so challenging to feed my family real food on any kind of a reasonable budget! I know you've made several posts on this topic in the past. I was curious what your current budget is and how many people it feeds?

    1. Alice.. my grocery budget has gone up and down as my family size seems to be always shifting.. kids leaving, kids coming back home.. currently I'm feeding 6 people.. all pretty much adults.. my husband, me, and kids ages .. 15, 18, 19, 22... two boys (the 15 & 19 year olds) who can never seem to be satisfied.. I spend anywhere from $600 to $800.. sometimes I'm over budget, sometimes I'm under budget.. so that is average.. we never eat out.. pretty much.. occasionally I'll buy a couple of take and bake pizza's from Costco or get some sushi take out.. but pretty much I cook all our meals.. breakfast is oatmeal, toast, eggs, pancakes, etc.. lunch is leftovers (if there are any) and sandwiches.. dinner.. is what I post.. I stick with these weekly menus about 95% of the time.. unless something comes up.. which it does occasionally..

    2. Thank you for your reply! :) Is that $600 to $800 monthly or weekly? LOL


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