Wednesday on the Homestead

Today was a beautiful day! The sun was shining and we had NO rain.. first time in a week. Sierra and I left early and headed to town to do the grocery shopping. We returned home and unloaded all the food. Then the two of us got busy and cleaned up the house. She did an awesome job cleaning the bathroom right down to scrubbing the tile in the tub and giving the floor a real work out then she handled the living room. I focused on the kitchen, dining room and laundry room.

Then it was time to move outside and get to my garden. I waited until later in the day because the garden was so wet I wanted it to dry out some before I got busy. I had corn plants that really needed to get in the ground. Tomorrow the rain will return so I knew this was my only chance for a few more days. Here are what my corn starts (and cucumber starts) looked liked…

I spent 2 hours in the garden getting them all in the ground!! It was a great feeling to have it all done.. my muscles feel it tonight! Ha, ha!! But that is great.. plus I had 2 hours to soak up lots of sunshine and I really loved that. Here is a pic of the corn plants in the ground (hard to see them.. but the are there!)..

And a quick peek at my tomatoes and green beans.. despite the unseasonably cool and wet weather they are surviving!

Tomorrow if the rain holds off long enough I will get back to the garden and weed..

That’s all from the homestead for today!


  1. Your garden looks fabulous. We've had so much rain here I haven't been able to get into mine for the past week :(

  2. What a lovely garden. I never heard of starting corn inside then transplanting. Do the plants handle it well? And what are the advantages? Here in VA we are so dry and praying for rain. Janet

    1. Janet, I always start them inside now. They do just fine being transplanted. The reason I do it is because it can be the end of June here before it is warm enough to plant the corn from seed then I am always wondering if it will stay hot long enough for them to ripen. Also I've had terrible issues with the birds eating the seeds as soon as the burst open and ants all over the seeds when they burst as well. I got tired of loosing half my corn seeds and not having them ripen in time.. so I started planting them indoors at the beginning of June.. works great!

      Crystal :)

  3. Very interesting. Sorry you have that extra work though. My muscles were aching with you!


  4. I didn't know you could start corn and transplant it. We had a horrible time planting corn this year in central IL. I planted it twice and only about five came up out of 4 short rows. It was dry here so maybe that was problem, or birds just took them or hmmm... we'll never know. blessings from Abiga/Karen


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