Homestead Garden Update

This afternoon was a wonderfully warm and sunny day. I spent about an hour weeding. I also took a few pics to share.

These are my tomatoes. They are growing well. None have seemed to suffer from the transplanting or the incessant rain we have. I’m thinking they were loving the warmth and sun as much as I was today!

It has been about 10 days since I planted the majority of my veggie seeds. Some of them are beginning to pop up now… I get so excited when I see my little plants make their appearance.. I must be a crazy gardening lady.. ha, ha, ha…

Here is a little lettuce…

My yellow wax beans…

Green beans.. a whole long row of them, the picture does not show them that well…

Near the beginning of May I planted some cabbage starts that I had bought from my food co-op (Azure Standard). They are doing well, at least most of them. I have a couple that don’t looks so hot. But I am happy with the ones that are growing strong. I just have not had luck with cabbages. So I am hoping that buy getting the plants in the ground earlier than usual, I just might get a few cabbages this year…

When I planted the cabbage plants I also planted a few zinnia seeds ….

And some sunflowers…

And last but not least… the corn starts and cucumber starts that I planted last Sunday under the lights are doing great!! I hope maybe by next weekend I can get them in the garden…

The corn…

And cucumbers…

Here is a pic of how my garden looks as of today….

It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to weed it all. I jokingly say I’m "heading to the gym" when I go out to weed… it’s a good workout!! ~smile~



  1. Oh Crystal, what a beautiful garden! And your dirt is lovely---so rich and soft. You are quite the gardener. I'm with you......when that first little growth peeks through the earth it is sooooo exciting.

    Thanks for all the recipes on the freezer blog.Love your helpfulness!!


  2. Can you send some of that rain my way? We are in a draught. If we don't get rain soon we will be feeding our winter hay in August! Your garden looks beautiful!

  3. Crystal,
    I am a crazy gardening lady this year :) Our garden takes me forever to weed. You must be quick! We run the tiller between the rows but I had to weed around the tomatoes, green peppers, and green beans and it took me 3 hours yesterday! I definitely feel it today. Also, yesterday I blanched zucchini and squash and cut up and froze green peppers. I will be doing a June garden update soon :)

  4. It is so exciting when you plant, to see the veggies (and flowers) growing. I hope they do well for you this year. Happy gardening!!

  5. I love seeing pictures of other peoples gardens and their progress. I get just as excited as you when I see green poking it's little head through the dirt :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. I have to say that I am kinda jealous of your garden. I have had a garden for the last 10 years, but this year, I had just to many things going on when planting season came around for my area...and honestly, I just didn't have the energery after my day of what I had to do. When I see others, I so miss my fresh veggies and fruits! Glade that you and your family can enjoy yours

    1. I totally understand... I've had a few years for various reasons I could not plant a garden.. and how I would miss it!!

      Crystal :)


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