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Been a busy few days.. my niece from Chicago came and spent a week with us. We had such a great visit with her. She is back in Chicago now and we miss her already.

My son Jacob has had a “Project Car” in the works. It started out as a damaged shell. My son in law Will (Hannah’s hubby) gave him the car and has helped him this last year to get the car up and running. It has been an incredible experience for Jacob. He has loved every minute of it and has learned so much. Will is a mechanic by trade so has been able to get Jake all the parts needed as well as the knowledge to take the shell of car and turn it into a car that Jacob is so proud of. He did body work along with putting in a new engine and redoing everything down to wiring harness and seals and everything else involved in putting a car together from virtually nothing. Did it save Jake money over buying a car?.. nope.. but he already had that (a car that is).. but it gave him sooo much more.. he learned a ton about car mechanics and had the awesome experience of setting a goal and seeing it through to the end. The car is now up and running and Jacob has the title and has paid for the insurance and is a very happy guy! And I am proud of him!! I had to laugh the other morning.. we were in the kitchen and he pointed out the window to his new car and said to me… “Mom, aren’t you just dying to hop in that car and let me take you for a drive?” LOL… He makes my day I tell you.. :)



Green Onions.. did you know that if you put the end of the green onions in a jar of water that they will regrow? I did not know this. My youngest 2 daughters heard about this and tried it. After cutting up 3 green onions to add to a salad they took the bottom parts (with the roots on it) and stuck them in a small glass of water and put them on the window sill in the kitchen. Two weeks later.. I have more green onions now to add to our salads…


Yesterday was a wonderfully sunny and warm day… much needed around here. I spent an hour in the garden and got it all weeded and planted a few more flower seeds. Most of my garden is now planted. I have corn and cucumbers currently growing under the lights in my hubby’s shop. Those will be planted in a couple of weeks when the weather should be much warmer. Yesterday I just enjoyed weeding.. yep you read that right.. I enjoy weeding.. there is something about the warmth, the quiet and the solitude that I so love about the job. Nothing like time to think.. and ponder… and pray… and when I am done, my garden looks so much better.

That is all from the homestead for now…



  1. I think your son should name his car the green onion because it's green and it regrew! I thought that's what you meant when I first read the post - what a great job he did - seriously, what amazing resourcefulness - very impressive! Too bad he's too old for my daughter!! He'll make a good husband someday!

    1. Aw.. thank you.. what a nice complement. I think he is a pretty great guy (mother's bias you know.. ;) .. and I agree, he will be an awesome hubby someday.. :)

      Crystal :)

  2. I, too, thought that the car was named "The Green Onion"'s the car's destiny!!!

  3. LOL!! This made me laugh!! I'll have to tell Jacob! :D .. right now the name for the car that is in his thoughts is... The Lizard.. (you know.. green with the black stripe.. LOL)... but the Green Onion might be a runner up! :D

    Crystal :)

  4. Yes, I too like to weed the garden. Everyone offers to help but I kindly turn them to other tasks as I enjoy the quiet time. And the satisfaction that the garden looks great! I can't imagine starting corn under a light. Our ground here is so bad we can't get it to grow anyway. I enjoy reading all your garden adventures. We need rain here really bad. We are so dry the grass crunches under our feet! What an awesome job your son did restoring the car! That is something to be proud of!


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