Tomato Plant Starts – 2 Week Update

Two weeks ago I planted my tomato seeds and put them under the lights. I posted about that here: .  They are doing well!  I planted 144 seeds and at this point all but 14 have come up.  I always figure some seeds won’t make it but each year I'm surprised to see how many actually do. They are a little leggy which I believe is because they got a little too warm a few times, this has happened before but in the end they always survive anyway.  Here is what they are looking like this evening:

I suspect it in another week or so I will be transplanting them into bigger pots.    Some of the plants are beginning to show their first two true leaves (that is the point when I transplant them, the bigger leaves are not considered 'true' leaves)…

I'll keep you updated! 



  1. Yippee!! they look great!keep us posted!

  2. I will be getting mine from a local greenhouse next weekend...Wish I could start my own. But when I get the space I will know right where to come to learn how to do it right! Thanks for sharing all this great knowledge!

  3. What kind of lights do you use?

    1. Just regular florescent lights. Crystal :)


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