Tomato Plant Starts – 2 Week Update

Two weeks ago I planted my tomato seeds and put them under the lights. I posted about that here: .  They are doing well!  I planted 144 seeds and at this point all but 14 have come up.  I always figure some seeds won’t make it but each year I'm surprised to see how many actually do. They are a little leggy which I believe is because they got a little too warm a few times, this has happened before but in the end they always survive anyway.  Here is what they are looking like this evening:

I suspect it in another week or so I will be transplanting them into bigger pots.    Some of the plants are beginning to show their first two true leaves (that is the point when I transplant them, the bigger leaves are not considered 'true' leaves)…

I'll keep you updated! 



  1. Yippee!! they look great!keep us posted!

  2. I will be getting mine from a local greenhouse next weekend...Wish I could start my own. But when I get the space I will know right where to come to learn how to do it right! Thanks for sharing all this great knowledge!

  3. What kind of lights do you use?


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