Updates from the Homestead

Wow.. July has been a super busy month on my homestead. It started with hubby & I celebrating our 27th anniversary.. which I already posted about. A few days later we had good friends that we have not seen in 10 years stop by to see and visit with us. It was soo great to see them and to see how their kids have grown! Why is it that your own kids can grow and mature but when you see your friends kids grown and matured it is so surprising?! :)  During all this time our niece Megan came to spend a week with us. She is Tobin’s sister’s oldest daughter. We LOVED her visit. She is a full of life 25 year old and it was great to have all that energy in our home. Leanne kept her busy with trips to town and meeting up with all the cousins. It has been 5 or maybe 6 years since she has been here to visit us. (in the pic below... Sierra, Leanne and my niece Megan)..

On Tuesday Tobin tuned 50! We had a big 5-0 birthday party for him. We bbq’ed salmon and I made potato salad, green salad, watermelon was served  strawberry's with a homemade angel food cake.. it was a great time..

This morning we put Megan on a flight back to Chicago.. and I came home and cleaned house, made bread and dinner and worked on getting life back into our normal hum.. :)

My garden has been slightly neglected during all this activity so tomorrow I plan to get out there and do the weeding. Tobin has been working on getting the winter wood in and is almost done! We need about 6 cords of wood to make it through the winter and we are almost there thanks to a couple of very big trees that came down during this last winter.

That is all the updates from the homestead for now..  :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Husband!! Looks like you all are fully enjoying the summer!!
    Take care!!

  2. Wow those mountains/hills in the background look so pretty. Do you have any pics of the scenery around your house?

  3. Leslie, over the years on my blog I have posted lots and lots of pics of my area.. if you scroll through older posts you will see more pictures of my property.

  4. Thanks Dana! We take advantage of what we have summer weather wise.. but it mostly has been cool and cloudy with way less heat and sun than normal. It actually rained on my hubby's birthday and we all moved inside.. I can't remember a birthday for my hubby that was less than 90* out.. It has been a strange summer for sure!


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