Lessons from the Garden

After 2 days of rain the sun came back!! And so did the weeds in my garden! I spent hour and half in the garden weeding today. My son Isaac helped me as well, so together we made great progress and I think the weeds are under control (at least for right now :). 

You know I use to hate weeding with a passion, so much so that I rarely did it and my garden always ended up a jungle by the end of the season. Then one year I decided it was important to me have a well tended garden. My dad use to say, “Any job worth doing is worth doing right”… that may not be his original saying, but that is where I first heard it. So I took on a new attitude with weeding.. what good things come from it? For me this is the list.. I get some quiet time to think! Weeding is mundane work and it provides a great moment in my day to just think. I can also pray! I can be productive, have solitude doing this homemaking chore and spend a little time talking to the Lord. I am one who loves the sun and what a great time to enjoy it. Again I can be productive and soak up the rays and a little vitamin D while I am at it. Weeding and hoeing a garden my size takes a bit of physical strength. I do feel those muscles having been given a workout when I am done, so I get some exercise as well. Each time I spend an hour or two in the garden I always say when I am done, “Who needs a gym membership when you have a garden!”. 

During that time I also decided that doing anything in my home required me to do it well. That is also when I realized I had way too much on my plate. So I started downsizing and not taking on new projects. I had these goals… I wanted a home run well, I wanted a home that was neat and orderly (as much as is realistic with a house full of children), if I was going to have animals or gardens or any other project or diversion in my life than they needed my utmost attention. Well, I am not super woman by any means so I got rid of a lot of goats, I don’t have chickens any more either.. I currently buy my eggs from my friend/neighbor and am happy to contribute to her efforts. I also wanted to give more to my homeschooling. I have been homeschooling now for more than 20 years and it gets tiring.. but I realized .. I had to press on as I am not done yet! I wanted to make sure my hubby was getting the best of my efforts in his life as well. 

So I scaled down the farm animals, I did not start any new projects in my life, I made curriculum choices that worked better for me and gave me a little inspiration while still giving my children a good education, and I worked to keep my home in better shape. I figured when I had this all under control then I could take on more if I wanted. 

Jump forward a few years and I am still pretty much in the same place. I guess it taught me what my strengths are and what my limits are. I can now easily say yes or  (more importantly) NO to other things in life because I know I have found the equilibrium for my life that works. I also know my tendencies to take on too much and so I have to watch this all the time. The results of this so far are.. my house has not looked better in a long time, my goats are doing great, my garden not only looks pretty but provides us with a lot of food each year, my kids are doing well in their studies and staying focused (a focused mom = focused kids I have discovered), my hubby is happy (he was always happy but appreciates all my efforts over the last few years even more), and I am more content and less stressed. 

It all started with a garden and time taken to weed and think and pray and make better choices overall for my life and the life of my family!



  1. Wow! This is so true, Crystal. You took the one thing, weeding, and let that lesson spill over into many areas of your life. And you are seeing the fruit of your efforts!

  2. My garden is right by the road for all the world to see. I decided a couple years ago that I wanted the neighbors to marvel at how beautiful it was. That sense of pride helps me to keep the weeds out of it...most of the time. Good thing they can't see inside the house. :0

  3. I had to down scale my garden this year because we had too much going on. I know there will be a time when I can really get back to it and can some more. We all go through seasons and I just try to "roll with it".

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - very good! A lot of wisdom there. I also have to watch not taking on too much, and saying "NO" whenever I need to. I have to keep things relatively simple in order to get along alright. :)

  5. Your wisdom works for every season in life. I heard the saying once that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but not all at once." I think that part of being a Titus 2 woman is to encourage younger women not to take on too much at the same time. Great post........Denise

  6. Your posts almost always inspire me and make me smile and for some reason feel a little bit better than when I started reading. Wish we were neighbors.Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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