Laundry Soap Kits Are Back in Stock!!

A couple of months ago I ran out of laundry soap and laundry soap kits. Life has been crazy busy for me this year and soap making went to the end of list as I reorganized my homemaking and daily life. But the month of June was a soap making month for me. I am slowly getting back on track once again. In the meantime I have had tons and tons of emails asking me when I would have my laundry soap and kits back in stock. I am very happy to say that they're finally back in stock!!

If you are interested in purchasing the laundry soap or the soap making kits you can find ordering information here: 

Printable order form (if you don’t have PayPal) is here: 

FYI – I have also gotten tons of emails on Shampoo Bars… and I have made them. They are currently curing and will be back in stock in a week or two.. I will post here on my blog when they are ready for sale..


  1. I'm really curious about your shampoo bars. How do those work? Are they gentle on the hair? Let us know when you have them available. I just might have to try one for myself ;) :) Have a great 4th of July weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. I have used your soaps before and LOVE them! I can't wait to try your shampoo bars!
    Jamie :)


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