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“I really want to try making the fermented salsa. I've read about fermented foods on so many blogs. The thing is, I just can't get past the idea of feeding my family something that sat on the counter for two days. Could someone please let me know how this works and what makes it safe. By the way, I love this blog!”

Before the days of canning and freezing, fermenting of food is how people kept their food from going bad.  The fermenting process created lactic acid which is naturally a preservative and will keep your food from going bad.  You are not just setting jars on the counter for a few days and then eating them..  you are putting them through a process called: Fermentation  very different.  I have fed my family a lot of fermented food over the last couple of years (since being introduced to the book Nourishing Traditions) and no one has ever gotten sick.  This is a natural process that has been around forever!   

If you want more information to do your own study here is a link to the Weston Price Foundation where Sally Fallon talks about lacto-fermentation:    Also for anyone interested in more information regarding the cooking techniques and nutritional information I have been discussing as of late on my blog then I HIGHLY recommend the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  It is well worth the money! 


  1. Is sourdough bread also considered a fermented food?

  2. I agree the Nourishing Traditions book is fabulous and well worth the money. It has tons of info and recipes in it. I love it!


  3. thanks so much!!

  4. Crystal,

    Thank you for this information. I always am amazed at your knowledge. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


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