Friday on the Homestead


This has been a crazy busy week!  I have been into town every day.  And with all the busyness I am sure glad my mama goat did not decide it was her week to deliver! She is getting close however.. and is looking very big right now!   

On Monday Tobin and I had are weekly date into town.  We both love our day to hang out, run errands and spend some one on one time together.  The fact that we can get away like we do makes me appreciate life with older kids… it certainly does have its rewards!    

On Tuesday I took Leanne, Jacob, Sierra, and Isaac into town with me. We dropped Leanne off at the college to take her second GED test and while she was doing that the rest of the kids and I went to the library.  Everyone got a few books to read, except Jacob who spent his library time working on math..  he is determined to get his math book finished ASAP!  After we picked up Leanne (have not got the test results back yet but she said she felt very good about the test and finished with 10 minutes to spare.  We will know next week how she did) we headed to Starbucks and then onto Costco for grocery shopping.  Then it was Walmart and GI Joes.  Jacob has an airsoft war coming up with his friends and was in need of ammo and other stuff for the big event!  LOL..   

On Wednesday Tobin needed to go into town to buy a part for the furnace on one of our rentals and wanted me to come along to keep him company..  can’t say no to that!   

Yesterday Emily had her pre-calculus CLEP test to take.  She has studied quite some time for this test and was feeling a bit nervous.  So she begged me to go with her for moral support..  can’t say no to that either!  Thankfully we were all doing the “happy dance” when the test was over because she PASSED!!!!  We stopped at Starbucks on the way home to celebrate!   

This morning I am going to go and have coffee with an old friend..  I am looking forward to that and thankfully that is in my own neck of the woods (we actually found each other through the internet and we don’t live that far from each other!! Talk about a small world!).   

Needless to say with being gone as much as I was I have lots to catch up on today.  Last night before I headed to bed I got my flour for today’s bread baking soaking and some beans for dinner soaking and this morning’s oatmeal soaking!   

I am eager to make the bread.  I am working on converting my own bread recipe into a recipe that can be soaked first and then baked the next day.  I like Sally Fallon’s Yeasted Buttermilk Bread..  but ..  there is nothing quite as good as the recipe I have been making for years now..  I will let you know how it turns out.  The first time I experimented with it the results were fine, but I am tweaking it a bit to see if I can get better results.   

Laundry and school work with the kiddos is also on my list today and a quiet weekend ahead is looking pretty nice!   

Hope you all have a great Friday on your homesteads! 


  1. Please, Please,Please share your soaking information and your recipe for bread including the soaking.........

  2. Congratulations to Emily on passing her CLEP Pre-Calculus. My daughter, Hope, is currently studying for the same exam. It seems a bit tougher than some of the others she has taken. Emily's progress with College Plus inspired us to sign her up. Thanks!!!

  3. I love your whole weat bread. I make it twice a week. I am excited to find out how your new bread turns out. I would like to be able to make a good sourdough bread that doesn't taste sour, so I can stop buying yeast. Also wanted to tell you I have been making your laundry detergent for 2yrs now and still love it. I sometimes give it to people in gift baskets. Love your blog and your site. It has been very educational, and a blessing to me over the last few years.


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