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I received a question that I thought I would answer … 

I was thinking about getting goats. What do they provide you. We have cows right now. Milk, cheese, butter, and beef is what they provide us. Do you ever get meat from your goats. I hate to ask that question, but wanted to ask some one who would know. Can you eat goat and what does it taste like. I don't think I could seeing these beautiful little kids. I might should stick with cows, their not as cute. 

That is a good question!  I have articles on my website where I have discussed various topics on goats that might better answer your question..  


Basically our goat’s biggest job is helping to keep our property clear and clean of overgrowth.  We have lots of hills and places where it is not possible to get to with any thing other than a machete and that is so much work.  If we did not keep it under control we would literally be overtaken with blackberry brambles.

The goats roam two different areas that my husband has fenced in for them (we move them back and forth) and keep the area cleaned up and cleared.  That is the main stay of their diet during the spring/summer and part of fall.   

We milk the does and drink their milk.  When I have extra milk I make cheese and yogurt from it too.  I also use the milk to make soap.   

Yes we have used them for meat as well.  I can only maintain so many goats and it is a good use as far as we are concerned for them.  The meat, or so I have heard, tastes like venison.  I have never had venison so I can’t concur with this one way or another.  


  1. Crystal,

    Great information as usual. I wanted to let you know if you go to my post on 2/26 you have been given an award. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. You answered my question wonderfully. It was your website that first turned me to homesteading, 3yrs ago. I have found it to be the most helpful site I have found. You have been a resource my family has used for homesteading, in the kitchen, sewing, and homeschooling. My husband said, about you, that woman knows bread. I had tried many different breads but until I made yours, it was so so. Please don't ever stop blogging. God Bless!


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