New Kids on the Homestead!


My mama goat, Lilly, had her kids yesterday!  She had triplets!  I thought twins .. but instead we got 3 new sweet little goat kids.  Two bucks and one doe. 




 proud papa looking on...


Yesterday and Monday were so busy that I was wondering if she was going to deliver..  seems like that always happens.  I wait and watch and wait and watch and then have a day or two when I am everywhere but the barn and that is when it happens! LOL..   

I checked on her in the morning and she was fine. I took Leanne into town to take her 3rd GED test and then do some grocery shopping.  On top of that my refrigerator died yesterday too..  so when I got home it was time to make dinner, put groceries away and move the stuff I had not moved yet from one fridge to the other (I have a small second fridge in the basement).  I was feeling pretty tired by the end of the day and was just sitting down (finally) to take a break when Sierra came running into the house.  She had gone down to the barn to take the goats some veggie peelings from salad making and came back up to the house telling me baby goats were born!     

I threw my sweats on and Leanne, Jacob and Sierra and I ran to the barn..  only to find that the three kids were up, dry, and walking around and had already nursed.    So we took a few pics and cleaned mama up.  I gave her some molassess in warm water as a treat for all her hard work..  gave daddy some grain to snack on to congratulate him (actually it was to keep him busy because he was being a big pain! LOL)..  gave them all fresh water and shut the barn lights off and headed to bed.  Soon here this morning I will head back to the barn to see how they are all doing. 

I will try and post some more pics soon..  That’s all from the homestead today! 


  1. How exciting and they are cute! The kids and I enjoyed your baby goat pictures this morning.


  2. They are so cute.


  3. What little cuties! We had twins yesterday.


  4. How sweet are they! :O)

    Crispe ;o)

  5. They are beautiful... what a boost toward springtime. I wish I lived on a farm, how lucky you are.


  6. Oh my good gracious gravy, they are so dang cute! Look at that little one exploring your pant leg wondering what it is and if it's edible. =D Awwww! =)

  7. Isn't that the funnest?!! I have four week olds right now and i love them! Yours are the same color as one of my doelings. I love that dark red and white...congrats darlin'!


  8. What cute babies! I just want to snuggle them. Think Mama would mind?

  9. Crystal, they are just darling. I sure miss my goats, but love it when I can see pictures of little ones. I hope they thrive and mama gives you lots of milk.


  10. I was thinking about getting goats. What do they provide you. We have cows right now. Milk, cheese, butter, and beef is what they provide us. Do you ever get meat from your goats. I hate to ask that question, but wanted to ask some one who would know. Can you eat goat and what does it tast like. I don't think I could seeing these beautiful little kids. I might should stick with cows, their not as cute.

  11. They are just adorable, so are their sweaters!


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