If you think you can find healthy fast food think again…..



I have always been aware that fast food is not healthy.. but we all have our moments (however we are not big fast food people by any means)..  The above article was sure an eye opener and it has me thinking twice about eating out!!    Guess I will be packing lunches more often when we head into town!   


  1. I'm sorry to hear that about Subway - it was always my ace in the hole when I had to eat away from home - thinking I was getting real whole grain bread and fresh natural ingredients. Think again I guess - I'll be brown bagging from now on!

  2. Yes, I was totally aware of this and we (as a family have been trying to tell our friends and relatives of the dangers of the additives in fast food for some time now). My husband is diabetic and since we have done so much research on the subject as a family, we have found out that food additives are the number one culprit when it comes to running his blood sugar up. Since eating totally natural foods and stayng away from fast foods, we have been able to reduce his blood sugar level to normal with "real" food and with herbs. Get this, if we go out to eat at a fast food restaurant (one that we think is quite healthy), his blood sugar level skyrockets almost within minutes of eating all of those unwanted additives! (Don't even get me started on MSG- it does a number on me!)

    So, I am won over on the "eat only the foods that God intended for you to eat" movement! I started writing a series on eating healthy on my blog and the few that follow me think I am a "health food nut" now. If you would like to read up on what I think of raw milk, come visit: http://minniemaes.blogspot.com/search/label/healthy%20eating

    I love your blog and web site, and whether you know it or not, you were the inspiration that led me to searching for a "cure" for my husband's diabeties through your natural eating posts! Thank you so much!



  3. I always wondered if those green leafy salads at some fast food joints and the "healthy" sandwiches at Subway were really that good for you. Now I know. Thanks for sharing this!!! This is why we rarely ever eat out.

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  4. Very interesting article! It's from 2007, I noticed and I know for a fact that Subway IS the healthiest choice if you're going to eat out. The fresh fit menu is an excellent choice for adults and kids. Of course homemade yogurt, fresh bread, homemade cheese, and veggies fresh from your garden are optimal, but if you're out on the road, head to Subway and you'll find a nutritious, wholesome, meal that tastes excellent. Also, Subway has very strict standards on cleanliness, food safety, and every store is locally owned so there's a huge incentive to keep everything great for the customer. I agree with some of the other listings, but for my money and peace of mind Subway is the clear winner! In fact, I may head there today for lunch!!!

  5. Oh wow! Thank you so much for this fabulous article. Very interesting - and gross!


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