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So far so good on my working to meet my new goals (see blog post here).  My sauerkraut turned out wonderful.. so delicious. I did have to move it to a warmer location to insure that it did not cool down to much overnight.  That did the trick and it came out perfect.   

I made my beef broth (as seen in my last blog post).  And yesterday I made a new gallon of kefir to have on hand to use for soaking flour for baking.  I also made over a gallon of fermented salsa from Sally Fallon’s recipe.  Actually the recipe was pretty much like what I make except for the addition of the whey and some lemon juice.  If you want the recipe for this, then I highly recommend purchasing her book..  lots of great nutritional information and recipes.   Here is a pic from yesterdays endeavors….


So my next goal is to make more yogurt so I can get more whey and more yogurt cheese.  Then it will be time to make more sauerkraut.   

After I drained my last batch of yogurt to get the whey from it I had a good amount of yogurt cheese as well.  We spread this on whole wheat bagels and I put some in a cream sauce one night for our dinner.  On Wednesday I used up the last of it when I made some macaroni and cheese for dinner. I boiled some whole wheat elbow noodles and when they were done I drained them and put them back in my cooking pot.  I added some butter and let that melt.  Then I added the yogurt cheese to this and let that melt and mix in well.  Then I added some grated cheddar cheese and a little milk.  It made some delicious mac and cheese..  my kids loved it. 

Today’s To-Do List 

Go and pick up my Azure order.   

After that Tobin and I are headed to the recycling center and then to go and pick up some hay for my goats.   

Dinner preps.. I need to do that this morning.  Dinner for tonight is Crockpot Vegetable Beef Soup, dinner rolls and a salad. 

Tobin and the kids are going to rake up the driveway.  We have had about a week of amazingly windy weather.  We lost power a couple of times and lots of tree limbs fell from the trees and made a big mess.  I do believe the wind is over now and it is time to clean up!  

After all that it will be time to focus on school work and house work and getting hubby ready for a new work week.   

Hope you all have a great Thursday on your homesteads! 




  1. I'm really wanting to try making some sauerkraut! It sounds delicious!

  2. Crystal,

    You are such an inspiration.

    Do you secretly have 48 hours in your day? You continue to amaze me in your skills and fantastic recipes. Bless you and thanks for sharing the great pics.



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