Making Sauerkraut (lacto-fermented)


After getting home yesterday from shopping I was able to get my cabbage cut up and start my sauerkraut.  This can be a couple day process just to get to this point ! LOL..   As I mentioned in my last blog post one of my goals is to try and make some type of fermented on a weekly basis.

On Thursday I started by making some whole milk yogurt.  I had a small amount of Nancy’s (brand name) Yogurt in my fridge but not enough to collect the needed amount of whey.   

So I pulled out my yogurt maker.  I have made yogurt in many ways over the years but for me the easiest is with a yogurt maker.  A couple of years ago I purchased a Salton Yogurt Maker and have loved it. I even bought my daughter Carolyn one and she says she has been very happy with it too.  It makes 1 quart of yogurt.  It is reasonably prices as well.  For just under $25.00 you will have the ability to make lots and lots of yogurt inexpensively and simply.  Here is a pic of mine…


My yogurt was all done by later in the evening so I put it in the fridge.  In the morning I used an old clean piece of pillow case that I had cut up for this purpose.  I washed it in hot soapy, bleach water to make sure it was clean and sterilized. I put my quart of yogurt in that and tied it to a handle on my kitchen cupboard door and let it hang for about 24 hours and put a bowl under it to collect the whey.   


When I as done I had about 2 cups of whey (the pictures shows less than this because when I took this pic I had already pulled out whey for my sauerkraut and used some to soak my brown rice for yesterdays dinner).  And I had some yummy yogurt cheese which we use just like you would cream cheese. 


I cut up my cabbage, onions and carrots using my Bosch…


I added my salt and whey and pounded it and let sit for a bit and then put it in my glass jar and added the weight (a zip bag filled with water) and it is now sitting and doing its fermenting thing.  If all goes right I will have sauerkraut Monday. 


If you want step by step instructions to do this (with pictures and recipe) you can find that here:  

The recipe I used to make my yogurt was this: 

4 cups whole milk
½  cup yogurt (my Nancy’s yogurt with live cultures)
¼ cup powdered milk 

I find it works best if you plug in your yogurt maker first.  That way it will warm up and be the same temp as your yogurt when you poor it in.  It helps so you don’t cool the yogurt down.  

Combine the milk and powdered milk in a saucepan and heat to about 150 or so..  Then remove from the heat and let it cool to 110.  Add the yogurt and stir until it is mixed in well.  Pour into yogurt maker.  Leave for any where from 4 to 12 hours.  I gently shake the container just a little to see if it is firm and ready, if not I let go for a little longer.  When done put it in the fridge for about 12 hours.  Then it is ready to go!   

I will let you know if my sauerkraut turns out well.  My only concern has been the temp of my house.  You need to keep the fermenting kraut fairly warm.  I moved my jar to a spot in the house that is typically a bit warmer in hopes on not letting the night time drop in temps affect it.  So we will see! 


  1. I love your blog!

    It is one of my favorites.

    I just wanted to let you know that I bought some soap and lotion from you a couple of weeks ago.

    We love it!!

    Great job.

    I need to buy some more. ;D


  2. I thought it was pretty neat to see you made sauerkraut when I read your blog today. I had been using your directions for months now and just started a batch myself. Thanks for sharing your gifts! God bless, trish

  3. How fun! We make both of those things! It's so much fun!! I make yogurt from goats milk too!

  4. Hi Crystal,

    I just made my first batch of sauerkraut. How will I know if it doesn't come out? I have a Donvier yogurt maker and have been making yogurt for years. I use Dannon plain as my starter and it works well. I strained my yogurt in a sieve over a bowl to get the whey. You can add an equal amount of orange juice to the yogurt cheese as the whey removed and reconstitute the yogurt and chill for orange yogurt. It's sooo yummy!


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