Tuesday on the Homestead


Today has been a quiet kind of day around here.  I slept in a little, which was nice!  When I got up Emily was just coming back from having taken Leanne to her nanny job.  Leanne is filling in for her so that Emily can have some more study time.  She is doing a lot of studying for her pre-calculus clep test.  She went all the way through Advanced Math with the Saxon books but that has been a few years ago.  She has been clearing the dust in her brain from those days..  as they say..  “if you don’t use it, you loose it”…  well she has not lost it..  just needs to be pulled down off the shelf and brought back to her current memory.  She was struggling with a few concepts and Tobin (our resident math genius ) helped her work through some of that this morning.   

After the kids got up and going and the chores were done they all settled into the school routine and I got some rice soaking in my rice cooker and some lentils soaking for tonight’s dinner.   We are having lentil and brown rice tacos with my fermented salsa and all the trimmings.   

Jacob and Isaac cleaned out the goat barn and spread down 2 bags of stove pellets.  I have a doe who is due to deliver very soon.  She is looking pretty big so I am thinking she probably has twins.  The past two years she only delivered one kid each time so I am hoping for two this year.  Tobin and I bought more hay last week which should feed them until spring time when things start growing again.   

Speaking of spring..   I am so ready for winter to be over!    Not that this will happen for a little while but on the bright side January is nearly over.  We woke up to snow falling this morning..  luckily there was not much accumulation and then it turned to rain later in the day.    

Yesterday Tobin and I went to town for our weekly little date at Starbucks and then ran some errands.  We went to Costco and picked up groceries as well.  We always look forward to our Monday afternoons together; they are a great way to start our weekend!   When we got home Sierra had the chicken baking and the salad made.  I had made a double batch of black bean patties in the morning. I also put coconut rice in the rice cooker before I left for town and set the delay timer on it so it would be done cooking by the time the rest of the meal was done.  It was a yummy dinner.   

So far I am keeping up with my New Year goals to incorporate more “Sally Fallon” type cooking into my family’s diet.  I have recultured another gallon of kefir and we have been using that to soak flour and to drink.  I have made more yogurt and hung that for the whey.  I am using a lot of whey now so this week I am planning on making a batch of feta cheese.  One gallon of milk will give me one pound of cheese and whole lot of whey to use!  I have a batch of sauerkraut fermenting and that should be done by tomorrow.  Then it will be time to think about starting another batch.  My family has really liked the sauerkraut and I have to say it tastes so much better than anything store bought!  Not to mention how much healthier it is..  lots of great nutritional benefits.   

While at Costco yesterday I purchased a couple of organic chickens and right now have my big 14qt pot simmering on the stove with the chickens, veggies and water.  In a couple of days I will have several cups of chicken broth to put in the freezer and by then it will most likely be time to make more beef broth.   

I have also been remembering to soak my beans, flour and oatmeal (for our breakfast) more consistently than I had been.  The trick I have found is to always be thinking several steps ahead of myself.  Meaning that I have to know what I am serving for the next day and even the next several days so that I can have anything soaking or fermenting or ‘in the works’ for those meals.   

I was thinking this morning of how incorporating this type of cooking and baking is really a matter of making it part of my daily process.  I remember when I started cooking more from scratch and getting rid of processed food.  It seemed like everything took longer to make because much of it was new to me.  But once I got it down it just became a matter of habit and today I don’t think anything of throwing together all my meals from scratch, it is just a matter of process.  I know soon that will be the way these new food preparations will be..  just habit.  

Well I have written a book here and need to move onto other things….. so that is all from the homestead!  Stay warm! 


  1. It sounds as if you are pretty busy in the kitchen, we are also working on cutting out the processed and pre- packaged food here, it is a process but one I am really starting to enjoy. Keep warm and safe!

  2. I love reading your blog every day. Thanks! I was wondering though, you mention soaking your flour... Why do you do this and what do you do with it when you're done? Thanks!

  3. Hello

    I found your blog today and have loved reading your posts. I will be back to visit often as it is a lovely place to be. I have listed you as a friend so that I can find you again lol.



  4. I love the new cooking regimes you are incorporating into your meals - sounds great. I was wondering also why and how you are soaking flour :)

    What do you soak your lentils with. I am on a wheat and dairy free diet at the moment plus no sugars (though I am using a little honey in my drinks) - I am finding this a little difficult but I was just keep on persevering.

    and guess what I found in my library yesterday when I decided to look for wheat and dairy free recipies. I found the nourishing traditions book which was the last book I was expecting to find in an Enlgish library. I have this book on loan until 26th Feb and will just see how long I can keep on renewing this book for. I have had a brief look through but it appears to be a very good book full of interesting information :) I was so pleased and surprised to find this book of all books :)

    If you have any ideas or can help me and others on how you soak lentils and flour please can you post about this.



  5. I am having trouble with all your fermenting foods talk. When I think about food, I go by what the Bible says. It seems to me that fermenting much of your food is a whole lotta trouble that isn't necessary. The pioneers did without it and the Bible doesn't advocate it. The best way to eat that I have found is eating raw foods-at least as much as possible. That is also the closest to the way man ate in the garden.

    I'm not at all convinced that fermenting foods is the way to go. It seems like alot of work for nothing.

  6. Fermenting foods produces helpful bacteria that aid in digestion. Before refridgeration, this is one of ways food was preserved. The Makers Diet is another great book that explains this in more detail along with biblical examples. Soaking the flour helps make it more digestible. Weston Price foundation website has more info too. Crystal, I love your website and this has been an answer to prayer in finding you! God bless!

  7. Looks as though you are in full swing girl. Your blog is always informative and encouraging to me. I have missed reading it! Speaking of wanting winter over, I couldn't agree with you more. We were hit with a devastating ice storm down here in Arkansas. We were without power for 15 days!! Had to pack up and stay at my folks home as we are all electric here. It is soooo nice to be back home and in my own kitchen.

    I am very glad to start back our schooling routine too.....like they say there is NO place like home!!

    Be blessed,



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