Monday on the Homestead


We have been focusing lots of our time with my son.  His visit home has been wonderful.  He said it has been just what he needed.  The girls and I have been keeping the meals and baking going almost non-stop since he came home.  I am glad to see him enjoying home cooking so much.  He still has a couple more weeks with us. 

Today some of life needs to go back to normal.  Emily starts work again (after a couple week holiday break) and I think I will have the youngest kids do a little school.  Jacob may go out and about in town with Richard today so he may not start school yet.  He is way ahead of schedule anyway so I am not too concerned about it.   

On my to-do list today is laundry and housework.  I need to get some floors mopped and some dusting done.  Wood heat seems to create a lot of dust!  I also need to get the kids back to my daily house cleaning chore list today.  With all the fun times and off schedules my house is showing a bit of neglect.  So that much of a normal schedule will start today! 

Tobin and I will be having our weekly date so I need to get a pot of bean soup cooking before we leave.  I was thinking Italian Pintos were sounding pretty good.  Maybe I will find the time to get some French bread made before I leave too..  we will see how the days goes.   

I will be back soon to more blogging and sharing but for now life seems very focused on my kids and family.   

I wanted to leave with a pic of my grandbaby Elizabeth taken at Christmas time..  she is growing so quickly! …

Hope you all have a great Monday on your Homestead!


  1. Oh my good gravy! That little baby is so dang cute! Give her some kisses and cuddles from me. =)

  2. Darling baby Crystal! You are a proud, cookie-baking Gramma! Good Woman *U*


  3. Hello,

    I just discovered your website and your blog today thanks to Google. Your home management stuff is great. I couldn't find any contact me info so I am commenting here with a question.

    Am I allowed to print an article from your website for myself to read (it's hard reading online and it ties me to the computer)? Can I put the printed article in my homemakers notebook that I make for my kitchen counter. Thanks for all your good advice!

  4. Hi, glad to know your son is getting loved on. My brother is an Iraq vet and he would have loved some time off and some homecooking. Great that you are making such memories and comfort for him. Love that sweet grandbaby, I could just eat her up.

    BTW, are you stocking things up because of the economy and such? Wondering because I am trying to and trying to stock the right things the right way and since I still haven't figured out how to proof yeast yet, and you seem to really have it together, I figured I would ask!

    Many Blessings :)


  5. Oh, you can tell Elizabeth and Caden are cousins! from wykate


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