Happy Birthday Jacob!!



I should say happy belated birthday! My son Jacob turned a big 15 years old on Sunday!  Wow…  Each year all 8 of my children grow another year older and my reaction still seems to be the same..  Wow!  Where did all the years go?..  I guess as I live day to day I don’t really reflect on the time passing by. However when a birthday comes along I have a few minutes to reflect and think about that child and the years that have gone by.  I realize that my babes are growing up!! Which is good in many ways and sad in others.  

Jacob is growing up to be quite a mature, responsible young man.  He is a hard worker and very reliable. This year he has shown great tenacity in his own personal goal of finishing two Saxon math books.  He plans to be done with the Algebra 2 book by the end of the month and then will start the Advanced Math book.  For anyone familiar with those books they are not easy!  As my husband says..  they are rigorous!    I have no doubt he will achieve his goal.   I am proud to see the emerging man that he will one day be.  

Happy Birthday to my boy!!



  1. KBS2000 from the HomesteadJanuary 20, 2009 at 12:13 PM

    Happy Birthday to Jacob. Why is it that the kids get older, but we could not possibly be old enough to have grown kids?:)


  2. Good-looking son, Mom! :-) My "baby" girl turns 15 in a little less than 4 weeks, too. It is unbelievable how the years scoot away. Take the best care! ~~ Rita :-)

  3. He is finishing Algebra II at age 15!!?? Break open the champagne. What amazing math progress is this!! Congrats!!

    What math did you use prior to this?

  4. Happy b lated b day to your son too! I love the t shirt! Hope you all are warm and snuggle that side of the world!


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