Woo Hoo the Winters Wood is In!!


After more than a month of working on the project we are thrilled to be able to say the wood is in for the winter!   Tobin and the boys worked tirelessly to cut down trees, limb trees, and clean up trees that had broken during the winter’s ice storm. All in all it is approx. 6 cords of wood. Our place looks great and the wood is in. What a great feeling.


Tobin and I were both quite proud of the youngest three kids as they worked to help with this task. Jacob especially has really done a lot of maturing in the last year. He is a hard worker and knows how to put in a man’s days work, not a bad thing for a 14 year old to know. He is even sought after by the neighbor to do work for him. This year Jacob has learned to use a chainsaw (it is a smaller electric one).. he used it to cut up all the small pieces of wood that were brought in (and there was a LOT of them). He made a stand to hold the tree limbs in so he could easily cut them.  He also learned how to drive Tobin’s tractor and use it around the property to bring in wood, move piles of leaves and sticks and any other task Tobin needed his help with. He is proficient with mowers, weed wackers and a host of other tools. Just had to take a moment here and share with you about my boy   Here are some pics of him driving the tractor during one of the wood gathering days. Sierra and Jacob are also helping with the clean up of a tree that Tobin took down..






Here is one pile of the many piles of tree limbs he cut up…



And a picture of some of the many, many pieces of wood Tobin split…. by hand... 




This was the first year he mentioned that maybe getting a log splitter in the future might be a good idea!



Winter may still be a ways off.. but it is great to know we can look forward to warm cozy days and evenings inside while the wind and rain and the snow do their thing outside! 




  1. That is wonderful!!!~ The Wood family knows personally how much work is involved! Praise God for providing! Mrs. Joseph Wood

  2. Oh, isn't it wonderful to know it is taken care of and you don't have to plan ahead on this one. Sounds like the kids had a good time while helping.

    BTW, I love the pictures on your sidebar of the kittens and two of your younger kids below it!!! So cute!

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo

  3. Great job and good pictures.. Its always a good feeling when the wood it done. We do have a wood splitter and they are nice. But don't use it much cause we have an out door furnace and we just love it. You can burn green wood yes thats right and get good heat. It takes a four foot stick..Its great. Enjoy your warmth come with winter.

    Sister Brenda

  4. Its always to prepare early and not be caught off guard. It does make one proud when you see your kids being responsible and mature. One of my boys is already a very hard worker and has at 10 announced he wants to be a carpenter.

  5. That sure is a good wood pile!

    Nothing nicer I think than a fire to heat a home.

    Love Leanne NZ - who is burning wood here as in winter - enjoy your summer!


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