Thursday on the Homestead


This week has been another busy week. Tobin and the boys have been working on firewood and we have over 2/3rd’s of our wood in now and hope to have it all in by the end of the month.


The beautiful and warm summer weather means we all have spent a good deal of our afternoons cooling off in the pond and enjoying the sun. 


I have been keeping up on the house and laundry and doing a bit of packaging and labeling of my products and filling orders. I try and get my dinner all done or in the crockpot in the morning which has left my afternoons free and that has been so nice. 


Today looks like another warm day so the same program will continue.. housework, meal preps (I really need to do some baking but don’t want to heat up the house to much.. the weekend may be a bit cooler according to the weather man and I can catch up), help with the wood stacking if needed and time at the pond with kids and hubby. 


Tomorrow Emily and I will head into town so she can take another CLEP test. This one will be Western Civilization I. She has been studying like a mad woman for this test as it has a lot of info to cover but she feels she will be ready for the test tomorrow. When she is done then we will go and do the weekly grocery shopping (need to finish my grocery list today too). 


Updates on my daughter Leanne

She is in Egypt! She arrived on the 11th of July. She called me from the airport before they left the states. She sounded happy and in good spirits and was excited that boot camp was over and they were on their way. Communication from Egypt is not as good as it was from Florida (mail is so slow and no pics to share.. etc…) so I only have the Teen Missions web updates to go on now. If you would like to read what her team has been doing since arriving at the orphanage you can read that here:  


Creative use of Leftovers

Now onto budgets and saving money in the kitchen! One way I try to be frugal and save money is by using up all my leftovers. The other day I had made rice and baked chicken legs. We had a good amount of rice leftover, maybe 3 to 4 cups. Two days later the rice was still in the fridge and still good so I thought about what I could make with it. I made Salmon Patties. I did not use a recipe but having made salmon patties and other types of similar patties I was familiar with the best consistency for them. I added 2 cans of drained salmon to my rice (tuna could also be used. I buy canned salmon when it goes on sale and often have several cans in my pantry), 3 or 4 eggs, a little flour to help hold it altogether and some salt and pepper. I heated up the griddle with some olive oil and scooped out quarter cupfuls and fried them on both sides. They were delicious! I made some homemade tartar sauce (mayo, pickle juice, onions, salt, and pepper) and served it with a big green salad.  


Dinner tonight will be leftovers again. I made a pot of Spicy Beef and Beans over Rice last night and I think we have enough for tonight’s dinner.   If not I will mix the beef and beans with the rice and add broth and a few veggies to make it into a soup. Either way I will serve the meal with a green salad, tortilla chips and salsa. 


That’s all from my homestead today! I hope you all have a wonderful day on your homesteads!


  1. I love the recipe you gave for salmon fishcakes made with rice. I have some rice left over and so I will add some canned tuna and see how these turn out.

    It is great that Leanne has arrived in Egypt fine and this must be so hard for you all but The Lord is looking after her.

    Have a great week



  2. The salmon patties sound good! I make them from time to time, but have never added rice. I usually serve mine with biscuits, a salad, and corn on the cob.

    I have been wondering how Leanne is doing. Glad you posted the update on her.

    Have a great day!




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