Simple Meal: Pinto Bean Tacos


Pinto Bean Tacos


Ingredients Needed:

WW Tortillas

Pinto beans

Hamburger Lettuce or spinach or any type of greens




I made these for dinner last week and they were so yummy! I cooked up 3 cups of pinto beans and then made refried beans from them. Then cooked my pound of hamburger and seasoned it with taco seasonings and mixed it with the refried beans. This made a LOT of taco filling. Fed my crew for dinner and for lunch the next day and still had a little left that was finished up the next day for lunch. This could also be frozen in meal sized portions for smaller families or the recipe can easily be cut down in size to fit your family’s needs.


I used ww organic tortillas and had a salad leftover from the night before for the greens, a small amount of cheese, a dollop of organic sour cream and some yummy fire roasted salsa. It was a delicious meal and no one minded eating the leftovers! 


Here is a picture of Emily’s taco.. she has to get creative with all her food! Haa.. haa! 






  1. Sounds Yummy ! ! ! !

  2. Were you the one that had a recipe using black beans and sausage? I was looking online for one the other day and was thinking maybe it came originally from you. Will you let me know a link if you were the one who had that recipe.



  3. BTW: I love Emily's food-work. Was Picasso her inspiration??

  4. This looks family loves anything Mexican.



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