Happy Birthday to My Honey!


Yesterday was Tobin’s birthday.  He turned 47 this year! When we met I was 16 and he was almost 19.. Where have all those years gone!  It was a beautiful sunny and warm day and we celebrated his birthday in the late afternoon. We had pizza and salad.. a little time at the pond.. and a nice visit with Tobin’s dad who had come to help us celebrate.  




Emily made her version of an ice cream cake or maybe it was a mud pie. But whatever it was it was delicious and had been Tobin’s request instead of a birthday cake.  Emily had made one for him on Father’s Day and he liked it so much he wanted it again. 


It is made of layers of chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookies, fudge sauce, vanilla ice cream, crushed graham crackers all put in a large bowl. You let each layer freeze before adding the next. When it is all frozen you flip it onto a large serving plate and spread peanut butter over it all and then slice. She drizzled chocolate and caramel sauce on the bottom of the plate before setting each piece on (presentation is everything to Emily! ).. it did look impressive!   




Happy Birthday Tobin.. I love you!! 


  1. Crystal,

    I sure hope Tobin had a wonderful birthday...sounds like you all made it a special day for him.

    Always nice reading about you all on your beautiful homestead.

    Love ya friend,


  2. glad Tobin had a great day.

    It sounds like a wonderful birthday.

  3. Now that pie looks sssssooooo yummy!!! Wouldn't mind the recipe if it is available. Or is it a secret?

  4. That looks wickedly yummy!

    Good job Emily!


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