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I have shared that my daughter Emily is working on getting a degree in Accounting via home study. I have had a few people ask me questions so I thought I would share this again and try and add a little bit more detail in hopes of answering those questions. 


She is using a program called College Plus, which is a Christian based coaching/mentoring program that guides and lays out the course for their desired degree. I was not sure about it at first but after researching it, talking with them and spending a lot time at their website I understood what service they were offering. They have certain degrees that can be obtained at home (some can not such as medical, teaching, etc..).  They basically guide you as to which classes you need to take, and set up your degree plan, and give you a coach who you speak with on the phone and email with and this helps keep the student accountable and on track.  I really like this feature and Emily's coach has been a perfect match for Emily.  They get along great and she has been incredibly helpful.  She and Emily talk on the phone a couple times a month and email as needed.


Emily started the program in April. She began by going through their extensive study skills materials and doing her Life Purpose Planning (a very good and thought provoking study book). She met her coach and got to know her and together figured out what rate of study Emily would be able to do based on how much time she could devote to studying while still working full time. Then she began her first class. 


She purchases the books from College Plus, Amazon.com, Half.com and/or borrows them from the library. The recommended books, study guides, websites, etc.. are very good and helpful. She spends about 3 weeks per class. 


Yesterday she went and took her first CLEP test. The program works by having you study for each test (they use CLEP’s and Dante's, which is often how military people obtain their degrees). We chose a community college that is not far from us and Emily made an appointment to take her test. We arrived, paid the fee and she took the test. And she passed very well and now has her first 6 college credits. 


After she has taken all her CLEPS and Dante's these credits will be transferred to Thomas Edison University and she will take the last of her classes on line from them and they will issue her degree.  She should have her 4 year degree in about 1  1/2 years (for a fraction of the cost).


We feel that so far from what we can see it is a great program that allows young people to get their degrees while still at home (great for homeschoolers, which is a large portion of who uses them). You can even begin this program while your homeschooled kids are still doing homeschool high school.  We are thinking of having Leanne begin studying for her CLEPS this next year while she decides what direction she would like to go. I really like this innovative approach to a obtaining a college education.


  1. I have a friend who has been using the same program and they truly love it. There son has almost sixty units of college credit and will be using Thomas Edison in the fall. Glad it's working for you. I am looking into it for my two sons as well.

  2. That's a great way to obtain a college degree! I'll bet it would be great for a single mom or an adult who always wanted that degree but just never had the opportunity to take the time to go to a campus because of having to work full-time. Have you checked with any accounting firms or anything to see how they view "homeschool college" degrees? I am just curious about that because I always wanted a degree in accounting but started my family way too young and never got to go to college. I'd be very interested to know if accounting firms accept this type of degree.

  3. I was wondering when we were going to get a new picture! I love the spring pic! Beautiful!! Gen-IL Homesteader

  4. findingcontentmentMay 28, 2008 at 12:30 PM

    Sounds like something worth looking into! I have a rising 10th grader and 8th grader and have been thinking about secondary education (at least for my son).

    Barb J.

  5. I really enjoyed getting the menu planner early. I already have mine filled in for the month of June. Thank you.


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