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Well I am up and running on a new computer! Mine was having big issues and last week my multi-talented hubby bought all the parts to make me a new computer (he admits he is a part time computer geek.. lol..)! Then he loaded Vista, all of which took one evening and most of the following day. Then more major work came, I had to load all my programs up and then transfer all my files from the old computer to the new one.  That took up the rest of the week as I got my email reset, my website program and files loaded and working and on and on. This week has been the challenge of learning to use some new programs (some of the programs I was using were not compatible with Vista so I had to buy the updated versions.. I think they do this on purpose  ) and learning my way around Vista. I have to say I am quite pleased to be able to be up and running without problem and so much faster now! 


On Sunday I enjoyed a huge highlight of the week! I have several moderators on my message board and over time (more than a couple years now) I have gotten to know them all quite well and we have become good friends. Well Erica is one of my mods and a good friend. Her and her family were visiting up here in my part of the world and we arranged for a chance to meet. They came to my homestead and we spent a wonderful morning together. Emily and Leanne made scones and we had coffee and chatted.  Jacob showed her boys around the property and they got to check out the wildlife in the pond. It is a great highlight to finally get to meet an online friend in real life! I hope it can happen again sometime soon.


This week Jacob and Sierra officially finished their school year.. YEA!! Isaac is right behind them and should be done within days.  Leanne is getting to the finish line with just her Saxon Advanced Math book to finish and then she will be done, just in time to start packing up for Egypt (the days are getting closer to her leaving!).


We have a cold making its way around the house. Jacob had it first I believe (or maybe it was Emily.. who knows), then it hit a couple of the other kids and finally this week my poor hubby got hit with it. He came home from work on Monday with a slight soar throat and within a few hours was coughing and feeling yucky. He is still feeling yucky today, a little better he thinks, but he is not sure if he will go into work or not. I told him it was not a bad idea to let his body heal for one more day. I keep taking Nutribiotic and Emergen-C and so far have only felt twinges of the cold; I hope it is passing me by.


Menus.. I need to get June’s menu made. I put the menu planning calendar on my site this morning. I did it earlier than I usually do because I was testing my new PDF converter (one of the new programs I had to buy because the old one was not compatible).. it worked quite well and process was simplified from what it use to be. So now I have my calendar ready and it is time to plan menus. I am going to be sharing on my site about my 10 - day menu plan that I have been using for several months now. Look for that article very soon. For tonight dinner is very simple (and cooking as I type this).. baked chicken legs, mashed potatoes, salad and maybe some dessert. We will see if anyone has the gumption to make something for dessert. Leanne made a big pan of brownies a couple of days ago. Of course they are gone now, but brownies and vanilla ice cream is one of our favorite desserts.  Who knows what it might be .. maybe just some ice cream and tomorrow Sierra can make cookies.


That is all for now, I hope you have had a productive week on your homestead!  



  1. Oh I bet it was so fun to get together with a good friend and moderator of the page like that.

    I am with you girl. I also think they just do that so you have to buy all the new programs. Hubby works on computers often (he is a computer geek as well) and he hates Vista, so I hope you get along with it better than we did!! LOL

    God's Blessings,

    Amy Jo


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