Zucchini Cheese Chowder

I made this last night to go with our dinner. It was delicious! Another great use for the abundance of zucchini this time of year!


Zucchini Cheese Chowder

Crystal Miller


6 cups zucchini (or any type of summer squash) cubes (no need to peel, just get rid of the seeds and cut into cubes)

1 large onion, cut up

½ cup butter

6 cups milk

6 T cornstarch

4 chicken bouillon cubes

6 cups cheddar cheese

Extra milk to thin to desired consistency


Sautee zucchini and onion in butter. Mix cornstarch with milk. When vegetables are done cooking add cornstarch/milk and bouillon cubes. Add cheese and cook until mixture thickens. Stir and let it gently boil for about a minute. Salt and pepper to taste. If chowder is too thick you can thin it down with added milk. Taste and readjust seasonings. 




  1. anoldfashionedgirlAugust 20, 2007 at 10:18 AM

    I tried your recipe with a few changes. I had some shredded zuccini that had been in the fridge for a few days so I used that, and I added frozen corn to it also. It was sooo yummy! Thanks for sharing!



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