Tuesday on the Homestead


I am taking my afternoon break. I have taken the sheets off my bed and I need to go and remake it and move some laundry through. Leanne cleaned up the laundry room so now we can walk in there again LOL.. and Sierra cleaned up the kitchen. I will tackle the dining room and then the house will at least be in nice shape again.


The boys left yesterday to spend the night at their friends house and will be back home today whenever I get up there to get them or their friends mom brings them home.. I will call soon and see what the plan is.


I am working on new daily and weekly schedules to help us ease into the school year. I won’t be starting school until sometime in September so I hope to be better organized by then. Leanne said she was going to get started on her Advanced Math book.. she is my very self directed and self motivated child.. one year she did 2 Saxon math books on her own initiative. Only took one or two weeks off during the summer.    


I am starting to think about schooling as I feel the weather starting to change. The cooler days and nights and the rain have certainly made it feel more like fall. I am really not ready for this but seems there is not much I can do to stop it! haa.. haa. 


I need to package up some soap today and make some more if the day does not get away from me. Tobin is working on our house project. The windows came so he priming them now to get them ready to install some time this week.. at least we hope to get that far. 


Dinner tonight was going to be chicken tacos because I thought I had some boneless skinless chicken to use up.. but when I went freezer searching I could not find it.. so instead I will make beef enchiladas. I do have some organic corn tortillas in the freezer to use and I like making enchiladas with those. Plus we will make a salad with veggies from the garden. Emily said when she got home from her job today she wanted to make an apple crisp for dessert.. sounds good to me. We have apples falling from the trees and maybe today we can go and gather them before I let the goats out to graze.. the first thing the do now when they get out is run down to the apple trees and start eating!


Now I am off to change sheets and move some laundry through the system! Hope you have a great Tuesday on your homestead!


  1. Crystal,

    Sounds like you are having a nice day on your homestead. It's always a treat to read about your days. Thinking of you today and sending hugs your way.



  2. Busy, busy!

    It was fun to read about your day!


    ps-My husband has been trying to find a good coconut bar shampoo soap. You don't happen to make THOSE, do you!? :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, your menu makes me want to scrap my low carb diet...hahaha!! I love it, it's done me well, after 60 lbs. gone, but your stuff sounds so forbidden and yummy! :)

    We are homeschooling again this year. This time we are committed and grounded and will work thru any obstacles, but I have a question about how you keep records. And attendance/keeping track of each term, and when it begins/ends...etc.... any tips? Do you use a software that works really well? Or do you live in an area this is not such a big deal?

    Thanks for any input!!



  4. Crystal,

    Will you post some pictures of the outside of your house when the windows are in? Aren't you redoing the deck also?

    I love reading about your days-thanks for taking the time to write down the details for us.

  5. Thank you for answering the questions I had about the graham crackers. My daughter and I made them and I posted some pictures on my blog -- http://moms-musings.blogspot.com/. Thanks again!


  6. Your blog is one of my very favorites!

    I've been offline for quite awhile.

    It seemed great to be over here "visiting" with you again.



  7. Wish we had crisp cool air here, so I could open the windows to clean, but that will not happen for another couple of months..We love apple crisp here also, but not with fresh apples falling from our trees...Debbie


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