Wednesday on the Homestead


We are enjoying a beautifully hot 90 degree day! We have been enjoying our pond today and the kids picked some veggies from the garden that we will have with our dinner tonight. 


Yesterday I spent the whole day in town with the kids. We started by stopping at the vet’s office for another bottle of Frontline for the dog and cats. Fleas seem the worse right now and our litter of barn cats were covered. Sierra had given them a bath but they needed something more. Plus they needed to be wormed and so did Ellie (our Pomeranian).  I had to purchase things for the children too.. some needed shoes and some needed clothes and that was accomplished at a couple different stores… by then it was time for a stop of Starbucks for mom  then it was a stop at Costco for groceries, then the feed store and finally the drive back to the country.. awwww…  It was great to get home, unload our things and then splash in the pond to cool off.


Tonight we will be grilling steaks on the bbq. Last night we got home late enough that I decided to switch my menu around and have shrimp linguini last night and the bbq tonight. Right now I need to go and finish my macaroni salad, and sauté the zucchini that I did not cook last night. Leanne is going to cut up a watermelon and I made a big bowl of cucumber salad. We are getting a lot of cherry tomatoes from the garden so we just washed them up and put them in a bowl.. decided to just enjoy them like a bowl of fruit.. they are sooo sweet and good.  Dessert?? Well if the girls don’t want to make anything then we will do without.. we don’t make dessert every night but Tobin sure does like something sweet after dinner. 


I just had to share with you all about our little Pom, Ellie. She is the sweetest dog. She has become very protective and motherly towards our litter of barn cats. So much so that she cleans them, cares for them and they follow her around like their long lost mother. But the cutest thing to us is that she nurses them!! She had puppies a couple of years ago so I am sure there is no milk.. I  think the kitties just like the comfort they get from their “mama”. I got this picture of them today (the 4th kitty was not in the picture).. 



Joanna asked if I would post pics of our new windows on our house.. I will as soon as we are done.. Things are looking good and I think Tobin and I have made a color choice so I will wait until they are all painted and finished. Pretty much all the windows in our home need to be replaced (our house is on the older side being built in the 1920’s).. so this is just a start but we are excited and looking forward to the changes.. although they will be slow. Tobin does all the work himself... but we are determined now to get it finished over the next few years. 


Now it is time to finish up dinner preps and go spend some time with my hubby and kids.  oh yes… I had a couple of recipe requests and I will get them posted as soon as I can.


  1. Crystal,

    Your Ellie is just adorable and SO sweet. That is a wonderful picture.

    Enjoyed reading about your day. I know you all enjoyed your pond on your beautiful homestead.

    Love and blessings to you my friend,


  2. Ellie may actually start lactating with all the activity. That will give mommy cat a break!

  3. Love the picture of your pooch & kitties. So precious!


  4. What a great picture...What a mommy will do for her kids or

  5. What a great pic!



  6. A mothers love never ends. What a cute picture.

    God bless, mj


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