Graham Cracker Questions Answered


I wanted to address a couple of questions about my last post on making homemade graham crackers..


One lady asked why there was no graham flour in them.. well graham flour is whole wheat flour. They remove the germ and the bran, grind it a bit differently (more coarsely) and add it back in.  So it gives it a slightly different texture. Something I don’t miss when I use regular whole wheat flour.  I am sure grocery store graham crackers are much more refined than this.


Another question was if you could make them from hard wheat. Technically yes. I don’t use hard wheat except for making bread. I prefer the lightness of the pastry flour for all my non-yeasted baking. But you could try it and see what you prefer.


Someone else asked about freezing the crackers. I have never done it so I don’t know. Ours just get eaten to quick or used for baking, they never make it to the freezer.  But if you do experiment and freeze them and it does turn out fine (or not).. let me know! 


And Margaret, thanks for letting me know you tried them and they were a hit at your house!


Crewchief asked me if I had this recipe on my site.. I don’t yet. I usually post recipes here first and then when I take the time to update my site I add them there. 



  1. Could I add one more question? I'm wondering how many this I would know if I should double the batch?? My 6 kiddos LOVE graham crackers.

    Thanks, laura


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