Pastry Flour Question Answered


First off I would like to answer BrandiÂ’s question on what ‘pastry flourÂ’ is.  You can usually buy whole wheat pastry flour from a health food store. 


Here is a little info from my site on this topic:


Whole-wheat flour can be a bit confusing because there are a few things to understand before you use it in order to have good success in your baked goods.  There are 2 basic types of wheat.  Hard and Soft.  We use hard wheat for any baked goods that have yeast added to them.  Hard wheat has a higher gluten content and this is what gives the bread it elasticity and makes it rise so beautifully.  There are two different types of hard wheat available, red and white.  Red is darker in color and has a strong taste.  White has a nice light color and light taste.  Hard White wheat has become my most favored in bread baking.  Soft white wheat, also know as Pastry Flour, is used in all baking that requires baking power or soda (quick breads) for leavening.  This flour will not give your baked goods that dense, heavy reputation that wheat flour has.


Hope that helps to answer the question!!




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