Homesteading Homemakers Diary

I have this idea to write down what my days look like.  Every day seems different in some way and so I was thinking it was hard to come up with what a typical day looks like for me.  But then it dawned on me, really the variety of what is accomplished each day and what things are done ARE what make a “typical” day for me!  So periodically I will be posting a “typical” dayÂ’s diary from my life on my homestead. 


I am calling this little series my: Homesteading Homemakers Diary


Here is a day I wrote down last week:


Tuesday January 17..


Got up in the morning (very early), made my coffee and unloaded the dishwasher while the coffee was brewing.  Went back to bed with my fresh cup of coffee and did my Bible reading for the day and praying.


Computer time, spend time at my message board


Kids are up, animal chores, breakfast (oatmeal and toast)


Fold 2 loads of laundry, make my bed, clean up my room


Pick up the living room and have Sierra fold the throws and fluff the cushions on the couch and love seat.


I start school with my younger 3, my oldest daughter works on math with Jacob. The other 2 daughters begin their independent studies.   I iron fabric as Isaac reads to me.


I start sewing while pausing to help Isaac as he works through his school work.  He is in 2nd grade and needs lots of helps.


Lunch Break.. leftover bean soup from Monday night.


After lunch my 3 older girls leave to go do the child care at our homeschool group.  I am not going this time.  Too many things still to do at home.


Isaac vacuums the entry way rugs.  He is done with school and now plays a spelling game on computer.  Sierra is finishing her last Pace for the day.


I start a load of laundry and get the black beans cooking for dinner tonight. Then I pick up the kitchen and start the dishwasher.  Now time to make some buns for the black bean sloppy joes we are having tonight. 


I make a large pan of buns up and when they are almost done I grind the wheat for my bread and proceed to make 6 loaves of bread.


While the bread is rising, I answer some email. 


I move the laundry to the dryer.


I cut up the onions and red peppers for the sloppy joes. 


My daughters arrive home and Hannah cleans up the laundry room, Leanne cleans up the bathroom, Emily starts cooking the hamburger for dinner.


I take my 6 loaves of bread out of the oven.


Emily makes a salad and I finish assembling the sloppy joes.


We eat dinner; dad is working overtime so he will eat later on.


After dinner we clean up and get the house looking nice and everyone does something on their own.. Tobin comes home.


Him and I visit for a bit, he visits with the kids..  then someone comes over with their goats.  They are in heat and want to use my buck.  They have been here before so they know where the bucks are and what to do.  Two of my daughters go and ask them if they need help, they donÂ’t. 


Emily and Leanne go out to take care of the chickens, put the horse in his stall and feed the goats a little hay.


I make TobinÂ’s lunch and put it in the fridge, and get the coffee maker set for his morning coffee.


Then it is time to feed hubby, and off to bed.. the girls do the final cleaning of the kitchen and put the youngest ones to bed.  Tobin gets up at 3:am or so usually and I get up around 4:30 or 5:00 and do again! 




  1. Crystal - love the diary - being such a "list" person, I lvoe to see everything down in black and white - You are such a blessing.


  2. oh crystal you get some much accomplished in a day! I need to get up earlier, I could tackle alot early in the morning...but I want to stay up late and veg...I need to work on that, lol! I aspire to be more like you!


  3. Crystal,

    Loved reading about your day....I love how you are organized. You teach all of us ladies so much....we could never begin to thank you enough for all you do for us.

    Blessings my friend,



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