Butchered my first RoosterÂ…


In this continuing saga of my chickens/eggs/and roosters I thought I would share with you all the latest updatesÂ…. 


Well yesterday afternoon, surprisingly, there was no rain.  I decided the time had come to tackle butchering my first rooster.   I have never done this before.  Always my dad would come and do this for me.  My dad died last year unexpectedly.  So as I looked at my 10 (CROWING) roosters causing me nothing but headaches and I knew the time had come (actually it was overdue).  It was time for me to take another homesteaders challenge.. 


Now mind you less than one year ago I helped my husband slaughter and prepare 5- 300lb. pigs to take to the butcher.  So you would think one little rooster would not have been such a big deal, but it was, taking a life, even a chickens is sobering. However I am happy to say that I did it!!  It was a good experience and one I could do again.. in fact a friend of mine will come over to help me do the other 9 later this week.  


The final result was a rooster that dressed out to 4 ½ lbs.. which I thought was pretty good! and he made the best Rooster and Noodle Soup.. LOL..  It was the most flavorful soup I have made in some time.


My hubby joked with me when he came home from work and found out what I had accomplished.. he said, well you have another feather to add to your homesteader cap!! 




  1. you have several feathers to add to your cap, LOL

  2. I am proud for you!! You can do so much and teach all of us so much!!

  3. You did it! That is one thing I have never done and to think that you actually did it! I would say 10 feathers in your cap!

  4. I really have enjoyed reading of your journey home and learning the ways of old. Thank you for sharing with us. And thanks for being so funny too! Here's to many more feathers!

    Mrs. DMG

  5. how do you butcher a chicken? Do you snap it's neck or what? does it take a long time to pluck all those feathers? how do you clean it's insides out to make it ready for the table? what do you do with the insides?

  6. You are the greatest. Rooster noodle soup- that just made me giggle :)

  7. Yes, Crystal, we would like a little more detail, please - just exactly how DID you do that!! For evermore it will be Rooster and Noodle Soup!!!


  8. Your a dag!!!

    And yes I need all the gory details of how to actually do it.

    Love Leanne NZ

    PS pleased no photos with this post BWG

  9. I'm so glad you were able to do the rooster like you wanted. The first time I did mine, alone - was about 13 years ago! I'm so glad you accomplished this task. Doesn't it make you feel grand that you can provide more for your family now when necessary? I plan on looking for that book you mentioned as well. I relied on my Mom telling me what she did with her Dad...so I'm so glad you did this for you and your family!

  10. I will never look at a rooster the same again. You are so funny. Rooster soup. I have something I am making you. When I am done I will let you know. giggle. LOL




  11. can you describe how did you slit rooster throat?


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