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All Purpose Muffin Mix


All Purpose Muffin Mix

18 cups flour, whole wheat pastry or white flour or a combination of both
5 cups sugar or cane juice crystal’s
2 ¼ cups powdered milk
6 T baking powder
2 T baking soda
2 T salt
3 T cinnamon
3 t nutmeg

Combine all ingredients into a very large mixing bowl. Stir until
everything is mixed evenly. Spoon the mix into either gallon size zip
type bags or empty and clean coffee cans. To keep this mix fresh it
needs to be stored in the freezer.

To make 2 dozen muffins:
In a large bowl mix:
3 eggs
3 t. vanilla
2 cups water
½ cup butter (melted first) or oil of choice such as light olive oil, avocado oil, etc.. **See note below

Now add to above mixture:
5 ½ cups muffin mix

Any other OPTIONAL ingredients according to recipes that follow

Spoon muffin batter evenly between 2 muffin pans. Bake at 400 for 18 to
20 minutes.

These muffins freeze very well.

**Muffins do not necessarily need a lot of fat. The typical amount of oil I have made many muffins with no fat at all. So experiment with this mix and see what you prefer.


Applesauce Muffins: Add 1 cup applesauce and omit oil

Apple Muffins: Add 3 cups of grated fresh apple, 1 tsp. cloves, 1 cup chopped nuts or raisins and sprinkle the tops with a bit of cinnamon/sugar mixture

Banana Muffins: Add 2 mashed bananas, up to 1 cup of chocolate chips (opt)

Blueberry Muffins: Add 2 cups of frozen blueberries (fresh can be used too)

Carrot Muffins: Add 2 cups of grated carrots, 1 cup raisins, 1 ½ t. allspice

Chocolate Chip Fudgie Muffins: 1 ½ cups dry cocoa powder, ½ cup sugar, 1 cup chocolate chips

Date Nut Muffins: 1 cup chopped, dried dates, 1 cup chopped nuts

Fruit Muffins: 2 cups any dried, chopped fruit

Gingerbread Muffins: 2T ginger, ½ cup molasses, 1 to 2 cups raisins

Granola Muffins: Reduce the muffin mix amount to 4 cups, Add: 1 ½ cups granola

Oatmeal Muffins: Reduce the muffin mix amount to 4 cups and use 4 eggs instead of 3. Also add, 1 cup oats, 2 cups raisins or 1 cup raisins and 1 cup grated fresh apple

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins: 1 cup peanut butter, 3 mashed bananas

Pumpkin Muffins: 2 cups pureed pumpkin, 1 T pumpkin pie spice

Toppings for Muffins

Either one of these toppings can be put on the muffins if you would like to. These are strictly an option.

Streusel Topping
1 cup sugar or cane juice crystal’s
1 t. cinnamon
2/3 cup whole wheat pastry flour
½ cup butter

In a small bowl mix together dry ingredients well. Cut in butter until the mixture is crumbly.

Crunchy Topping
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
½ cup brown sugar
2 t. cinnamon
½ cup butter

In a small bowl mix together dry ingredients well. Cut in butter until the mixture is crumbly.


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