Wednesday Snap Shot

Good afternoon! This morning my hubby had to run some errands in town so I went with him and we did the grocery shopping as well. He's having some issues with our van and needed to stop by our daughter's house to pick up a special tool that our son in law had set out for him. Always nice to have 2 mechanics in the family :).

My week has been busy around the home. I've gotten caught up with cleaning and laundry (not that one ever actually gets caught up with laundry! ha, ha) and started doing a little decluttering. Not nearly what I wanted to accomplish, but it's a start.

Yesterday my daughter and her children came for a visit. I had a great day with her and the grandkids.

We were going to go out to dinner with our middle son to celebrate his birthday today but due to the van issues hubby felt he needed to fix, we decided to do the celebrating next week.

The rest of this afternoon is looking pretty easy going. My goals include figuring something else out for dinner and cooking that up and maybe a little reading. Not a whole lot on my plans.

For the Love of Books!
I have 3 chapters left in the book My Antonia. I have really enjoyed the book, and as with all good books, I will be sad to see it end.

Continuing to declutter my dining room china hutch is about the only project I'm focused on for right now.

Frugal Living Practices
In an effort to reduce my grocery bill I made one change that is probably rather obvious to many, but I'm slow on some things! :D Last week I purchased some hamburger. The package was a little over 3 ½ lbs. Normally I divide it into 1lb packages for freezing. Instead I decided to do somewhere around ¾ of a pound in each package. So instead of getting 3 large packages (as I would have done in the past, add the extra that was less than a pound to the 1lb pieces), I ended up with 5 packages of ground beef. Now that I cook for 2 we don't that much meat per meal and I have 2 more meals than I would have had. One more way to stretch what I have to reduce the grocery budget.

Fitness and Health
I did great on my walking up until Monday. I had been getting out and walking 3 to 4 miles most days. On Monday I got sidetracked by several things and didn't get out, yesterday my daughter and grandkids were here and I didn't get out and today, well, we'll see. The day is getting on but I do have to go out to take care of my animals so I may get a short walk in when I do.

View from my Deck
We have had a beautiful stretch of sunny days. I have loved them. It has been cold and windy at the same time, but the sunshine has been amazing. This has been a very mild winter. Today I see clouds rolling in and there is a winter weather advisory telling me we may have snow tonight. Maybe we won't be escaping winter after all! :)

You can see the sun trying to break through the clouds in this picture..

Today's weather: High: 41 Low: 38

Those temps don't seem like snowy weather temperatures so we'll see what happens.

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. It will be months before our backyard is free of snow like yours. We have well over three feet of snow in places, and there is lots more to come, I'm sure. It is still snowing after a big storm, as I comment. We are in the 'Great White North', here in NB Canada...a winter wonderland. :)

    1. Oh my! That's a lot of snow and a long winter. We don't get that kind of snow here. Some winters, as this one is looking like, we don't get any. Thanks for commenting and stay warm! Crystal 😊


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