Grocery Haul for Two

This week I needed to do some restocking of items. 

There are things such as coffee ;) I do not want to run out of! :)

I shopped at both Winco and Costco.

The first stop was Winco..

There was the regular fruits and veggies. We ate up all the oranges and needed to buy more plus apples and bananas. This was an 8# bag of oranges for $4.98.

I picked up spinach, green cabbage, grape tomatoes, celery, onions and mushrooms. Along with milk, half and half, and (store brand) tater tots. 


I was down to just a few cans of beans on my pantry shelves so I picked up chili beans, black beans, kidney beans and red beans. 


We really enjoyed the pork steak I picked up a few weeks ago and they were on sale for a great price, $2.28 a pound, so I bought 2 packages. Each package was slightly over 2 lbs. That will be enough to feed us for at least 4 meals. In total, for the meat, I spent $5.50. Making it $1.37 per meal. I think that's pretty good on the budget. 

We needed some cookies and picked up peanut butter cookies this time. One of these days I need to bake cookies again. I always baked all our cookies as the kids were growing up. Nowadays I'm torn between a grocery budget that is not nearly as tight as it was years ago and the desire to bring down our current spending and to put the saved money in other areas.

And then, much to my dismay, Hubby found chips on sale! Ha, ha! His favorites (Bugles) and the BBQ chips he takes in his lunch were on sale too. I really should say that he does not eat all these chips. He is known among the grandchildren as the “snack grandpa” and likes to take them a little something when we go visit or they come over.

I had a few non food items on this trip that I'm not including in our grocery/food costs.

My total for Winco was: $55.00

Next stop was Costco:

Ah yes, the coffee :). My hubby drinks decaf (I mix equal parts regular and decaf together for him) and we were almost out of both types.

Costco was selling some Himalayan Pink Salt chips. Maybe they are jumping on the healthy pink salt wagon to make sales, or they may be really good chips. We will see. I also needed english muffins and tortillas.

For meat I picked up some cooked sausage patties. I use these (on the english muffins) to make breakfast sandwiches. 3Lbs of Aidells pineapple & bacon sausages. These are one of my favorite types of this brand. And 2 packages of turkey lunch meat.
As well as 5lbs of shredded cheddar cheese, ranch dressing a box of protein bars. 

Costco had this lunch meat on sale the last time I was there and I gave it a try. I liked it and hubby liked it a lot so I picked up 2 containers of it.

Total for Costco was: $ $133.00

Grand total for this 
weeks groceries: 

My plan this year is to give a running monthly average as I go through the year. Next week I'll post January's monthly average.


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