Wednesday Snap Shot (on Thursday :)

Good morning! I had every intention of getting WSS out yesterday afternoon, but my day was longer than expected and it didn't happen.

I had to leave early in the morning to pick up my youngest son. He was having surgery to have his wisdom teeth removed. He was slightly sedated and needed a ride there and home. The surgery went well and I took him home. He hadn't really prepared well for this as far as food was concerned. He was supposed to eat liquids and soft foods for the first 2 to 3 days and of course he didn't have any! Ha, ha..

I was planning on doing my grocery shopping after I took him home so I shopped for him too. I picked up soups that he could just open and heat up in the microwave, applesauce, pudding, single serve mac and cheese that could be made in the microwave and cup of noodle type dishes. I was trying to make it as easy as possible for him for those first couple of days. I offered to take him back home with me so I could help him out but he felt he'd be fine. I talked to him this morning and he said other than his jaw being swollen (he had all 4 wisdom teeth removed) and still sleepy he was fine. I had also picked up 2 bags of frozen peas for him to use as ice packs and he said he was using them this morning.

Between the appointment, grocery shopping, checking back on him and running more errands it was late afternoon before I got home and I was beat.

Over the weekend I had 2 of my son's make surprise visits for morning coffee with me. I loved that.

Other then all that going on, my week has been an easy going week and I was able to catch up on a lot of my chores. 

Today's goals are mostly kitchen related.

~I need to get a batch of salad mix put together. I'm going to post about this soon. I make a mix of salad veggies that last us 5 or 6 days and makes salad making a super easy job.

~Because my day yesterday was such a long day I picked up a rotisserie chicken at Costco. We had that along with a few leftovers for dinner last night. I think I'll debone the chicken and freeze to use in another meal next week. I'm thinking either chicken bacon spaghetti or bbq chicken sandwiches. What do you like to do with leftover cooked chicken?

~Make a batch of chicken stock with the bones from the rotisserie chicken.

~Make a side dish for tonight's dinner. I have pork chops leftover from Tuesday night and I'll have salad so I only need to come up with another side

For the Love of Books!
I started My Antonia by Willa Cather and am loving the book.

I have big plans to declutter and reduce. I have seen Marie Kondo's methods bouncing around the internet lately. I've not seen her show (Tidying up with Marie Kondo) on Netflix but am familiar with her. I may need to read her book to get some inspiration! :) I don't have Netflix so it might be a while before I watch her show. 

Have you seen it? What do you think?

Fitness and Health
I've started up my walking again! This week has had a lot of rain so I had to pull out the raincoat a few times. It's a test of my determination to get fit if I'm walking in the rain :). But I'm doing it and walking a lot of hills. 

I know hills are good for you. Several years ago when I first started walking and was in bad physical shape I use to bemoan all the hills around my home. I would think, if I just had flat land to walk on I could accomplish more. Little did I know how much of a blessing I would consider these hills in a few short years! Nowadays I'm thankful for them and keep pushing myself higher and higher up the hilly roads.

The rewards I experience from these hills are not only physical but I am able to take in the beauty of the view the higher uphill I walk. Here are a couple pics from walks this week..

View from my Deck
Starting today we have several dry days in store. Who knows, we might even see some sunshine! :) 


I zoomed in on the cloud layer. It's sitting over the river. I always think it's beautiful to see the clouds hovering over the water...

Today's weather: High: 53 Low: 40
Our mild winter continues..

That's all for this week my friends,


  1. I like to make curried chicken from left over chicken. I debone and de-skin the chicken, dice it roughly, then add it to a lightly sprayed saucepan with some diced onions. Add whichever curry paste you prefer, and gently fry until the onion is “glassy”. Add whatever diced vegetables you want (I like carrot, sweet potato and peas), then add a large can of coconut milk/cream, and bring slowly to a rolling boil. Turn down he heat and simmer slowly until vegetables are at the texture you like. It generally thickens, but you can thicken it further with cornstarch mixed with a little milk. If you have a lot of chicken, or you wish to make a larger amount, simply add more vegetables and more coconut milk (or stretch it with regular milk and thicken with cornflour). I serve this with rice, but noodles is good too. I often make this after holiday meals, if we’ve had roast chicken. 😊
    I’m glad you’re enjoying My Antonia, I think it’s a lovely book.

    1. Oh my! That sounds delicious 😊.. thank you for sharing that Kari.
      Crystal 😊


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