Wednesday Snap Shot

Good morning friends! Happy Wednesday! :) How is your week going? I hope it is going well.

I seemed to spend most of last several days finishing up my big crocheting project and I'm happy to say I finished! Now it's time to get everything wrapped up and sent off to some of my grandkids (the rest are local and will wait here until Christmas Eve). The countdown to Christmas day is on and I need to get things done.

Yesterday I had the last appointment of the year with my eye surgeon. He said all is looking great and is happy with the results. He does want to see me in 6 months just to monitor my eyes and make sure they are not starting to drift. But for now I can close the chapter on my eyes. I'm very happy and thankful to move on.

Over the weekend we had our first snow and ice fall. It wasn't much, just a dusting, but so pretty. .. 

That has all melted and the weather has warmed up a bit and turned to plain old rain. The wind died down and it was actually feeling nice outside. If you can call 45 degrees nice and balmy! It's all in the perspective you know.. ha, ha! I love the looks of snow but not the chaos it can cause. I don't see anymore snow in the forecast and that's fine with me! :)

I need to desperately do some housework. With all the projects I've had going on my house has taken a back seat. I'm going to do a few things today to move in that direction...

~sweep/mop floors
~swish through the bathroom (it really needs a deep cleaning, but that will have to wait a few more days)
~reorganize the pantry a bit. We grocery shopped yesterday and I need to still put some things away and clean off the counter in my laundry room/pantry area. Shouldn't take too long.

After I do that I need to finish my Christmas letter and start getting envelops addressed. I picked up Christmas cards yesterday when I was out.

Do you send out Christmas cards?

For the Love of Books!
I'm almost half way through Moby Dick. I'm learning a lot about whales! LOL!! Some parts of the book are long (typical with classic books) but otherwise I'm enjoying the story.

My biggest project right now is to get gifts I've made and purchased wrapped. Some will go under the tree and some will be shipped. I am trying to have the packages that need to be shipped out ready by the end of this week. We'll see if I can do it.

I still have a few potholders to get back to and jam to make. The jam will probably wait until next week (I think I said that last week! I must get this done soon).

Fitness and Health
In between all my activities I works to get my steps in. I've been out and getting my 10,000 steps a day in parts. Instead of one big walk I go out 2 or 3 times a day and take shorter walks. I'm challenging myself with a few steep hills we have around here and boy do my muscles feel it. But it's a good feeling and I keep getting out there everyday. 
Yesterday after getting home it was pouring down rain. In the past I didn't walk in conditions like this. But I had to ask myself how serious am I to get myself back to where I was and move forward.

If I am always waiting for the perfect conditions outside then I am letting the weather make the choice for my health. My new goal is to get out and walk, regardless. The biggest factor in walking in all weather is to dress appropriately. When it was cold I put on layers and pulled out my wool socks and yesterday I pulled out my rain coat and got myself out there. I had already walked about 3000 steps with my doctor appointment and grocery shopping so I ended up getting my 7000 needed steps in the rain. Yay me!

I was feeling very happy with myself afterwards. The rain coat helped a lot but I still was wet and cold when I was done. As I changed into warm and dry clothes I had a fantastic feeling of accomplishment and pushing myself past my own mental hurdles. Because lets face it, sometimes getting out and doing what we know is good for us and fighting that is a mental thing, and not necessarily physical.

View from my Deck
The rain has let up from yesterdays continual downpour. But the forecast still calls for rain off and on today. The skies this morning are cloudy and dark. But I'll still take this over snow! :) I must say all the variations of clouds and gray I see this time of year does paint a new and beautiful portrait each day. 

Today's weather: High: 49 Low: 42

That is all for this week!


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