Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 
I want to wish you and your families a blessed holiday time.

I missed a couple blog posts last week as I was working hard to finish up Christmas gifts, wrapping, shopping and all the details that go into Christmas.

My family (the ones that live locally) will be here celebrating this evening.  The Christmas decorations are up, the food is cooking, the wood stove is warming is making my home cozy and I'm excited for my family to arrive.  

My Christmas Menu (in lieu of Menu Monday :)

Baked ham
Crockpot meatballs (the famous ones with chili sauce and grape jelly)
Potato casserole (another easy, traditional recipe with frozen hash browns, cheese, cream of mushroom soup)
Roasted sweet potatoes
Dinner rolls

In the end, it's not the food, it's not the gifts, it's remembering the greatest gift of all, the baby Jesus, sent to this world to give salvation to all who believe in Him. 




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