Grocery Haul for Two and an Easy Chicken Salad

This was an easy grocery shopping week. My single stop was at  Winco. I only needed a few weekly basics. Here is what I purchased.. 

I needed a few fresh veggies and picked up a bag of salad mix, red cabbage, tomatoes and celery. For fruit I bought oranges and bananas. We have an apple tree that has been giving us a lot of apples lately and we didn't need to buy any.

I also picked up my hubbies chips, and a loaf of french bread, a package of croissant rolls, 2 cans of olives for the pantry, 2 bags of salt..

I love that I can buy my Himalayan pink salt in the bulk section of the store. I got 1 bag of fine grind and 1 bag of course grind.

My dairy and frozen items were ice cream, yogurt, half & half, milk and a bag of Popsicles for treats when my grandchildren come to visit.

The total for this weeks groceries was:

$41 (rounded up)


Easy Chicken Salad for a Nutritious Dinner

Salads can get boring. The best way to prevent that is to change up and add in different ingredients when you make them. This keeps them much more interesting.

I had a dinner that I was able to send leftovers with my hubby to work and so I decided to make a chicken salad for myself.

I cut up, chopped and grated several different veggies. I also had 1 piece of corn on the cob left from the previous nights bbq and cut the corn off the cob and sliced some black olives. I also I had one sub sandwich roll that cut up and made my own croutons.

Making croutons is easy. I cut up the rolls, melted some butter in a frying pan, tossed them in and added seasonings. I used salt, pepper and garlic. I let them toast until they were nicely brown..

In the end I had enough veggies to make salad for the next 2 days. I always think a salad is more appealing when all I have to do is assemble veggies that I previously cut up.

I also defrosted 2 chicken thighs, sliced them and sauteed them in some avocado oil. When they were done I drizzled with a bit of Yoshida's sauce.

And now with everything ready to go I made my salad..

On the side I added enjoyed some hummus and a few tortilla chips...

I had enough to make this again for dinner the next night and send my hubby a salad to work (minus the chicken as he had a meal from the freezer).

That's all for this week's Grocery Haul!


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