Wednesday Snap Shot

Wednesday Snap Shot is a quick peek into my week.

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So Far This Week
Last week I had an unplanned blog break. My life was just busy and hubby and I made a quick trip to see his mom and her hubby. It was a lovely visit.

And I spent time helping my daughter get all moved and settled.

This week I had many things to chat with you about. But, suddenly in life something horrible happens and nothing I had planned to say mattered anymore.

My dear friend Laurie, who I have shared about and shared her blog with you all, got the worst news a mother could ever receive.

Her 17 year old daughter was driving to work Monday morning when she was killed in a head on collision. The driver in the other car was distracted and went over the center line.

I've known Laurie for nearly 15 years now, I've seen her children grow up, I've seen sweet little people growing into adulthood. Oh how this tragedy has struck me so painfully. I could not even begin to understand the pain Laurie and her husband and children are going through. Mamma's and daddies are not suppose to be burying their babies.

Life can give us some horrible painful trials. The Lord's grace, mercy and love are needed in full measure to walk through them.

That is, I know, what my friend and her family are holding onto right now.. God and His strength.

Would you please remember Laurie and her family in your prayers this week. They have much to deal with right now.

A friend of Laurie's set up a gofundme account for them. I will post the link in case anyone would feel led to send them something to help cover costs.

Today, take time to hug your husband, to hug your children or give them a call if they are not living at home, call or hug your grandbabies.

I want to live my life giving and showing others the love of Christ. Be loving, graceful, kind, generous to those around you each day. We are not promised tomorrow.

This is a picture of Laurie's daughter, Natalie .... who brought much joy and laughter and love to her family in those few short years...

On My To-Do List
Today I'm still in shock and feeling numb.. I plan to get out and take a nice long walk.  Perfect time to think, ponder and pray.
I will do a few things around the house to keep me busy..

~vacuum living room
~vacuum upstairs bedrooms and do some dusting
~clear clutter from typical clutter spots

Projects I'm Working On
At the moment I don't have any projects I'm working on. Now that my daughter has moved out it is time for me to go upstairs and clean out the closets and toss or give away items. My goal is to get it all in order, turn my daughter's bedroom into a 3rd guest room. The 4th bedroom is very tiny and I'll probably just use it as spill over space when the whole family is here visiting.

My sister in law will be coming next week to spend a few days with me. She always loves a good project and has said she is eager to help me with the clean up. She has a heart of gold and I'm excited to see her. It's been a while since we've seen each other.

Today's Weather
Oh sunshine!!  I'm feeling so grateful for this.  The sunny days have been few and far between.  And maybe tomorrow will be sunny as well. 

High 81, Low 60

The View from my Deck (or window)
It's so nice to finally share a sunny picture with you all..  :)

What I'm Reading
I'm half way through The Last of the Mohicans. I'm loving the book.

I finished the book of Job in my Bible reading and am now reading the Psalms.

What I'm Listening To
I love taking the time to just stop and listen.  No matter what, I hear something.  How easy is it to go through life in a hurry.  The saying, "Stop & smell the roses"...  well I think this applies to listening as well. 

With the lovely weather we are having today I have a couple windows open.  This morning I am hearing birds singing, I hear someone running a mower or a tractor, can't tell which it is.  A few minutes ago I heard a train going through the Gorge, not sure which side of the river it was on as the mountains on each side cause an echo.  I also heard a small plane going over. 

Something Frugal I've Done This Week
Frugality is a state of mind. It's the accumulation of the choices we make each day. Sometimes they are big things, sometimes they are small. This week I found some sales on meat while out grocery shopping, I used my aluminum foil dryer balls when doing my laundry instead of buying expensive dryer sheets, I've waited until I had several reasons to go to town before heading out (and saving gas money), I cooked my own dried beans instead of using canned beans, I've been using my citrus vinegar to clean my kitchen, my bathroom and mop my floors, we used cloth napkins instead of buying paper ones. These are things I've done for a long time now and they are part of my life. It is what accumulates into a frugal lifestyle.

Fitness and Health for the Week
Thankfully we've had a few more dry days here and there. I've been able to get out and walk and get my steps in. That has felt so good.

I've always wanted to do a little yoga. I found a few youtube's with beginners yoga classes on them. I've been doing a little of that. It is great for stretching and strength building. I will have to say as I've been doing it that it is harder then it looks!

I've also continued to move my diet more and more to a plant based diet. I'm loving the results. I have more energy, I sleep better, I've lost a bit of weight and feel great.

That is all for this week!!



  1. Debbie Smith HiteMay 3, 2017 at 11:15 AM

    I love you so so much, dear Crystal. <3

  2. So sorry for your friend's loss of her daughter. What a sad time for the family. I hope you were able to take your long walk to ponder and pray! Blessings to you. Love reading your blog.


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