Menu Monday!

We're enjoying a nice stretch of dry sunny days and it is just lovely. Today I have a busy day ahead with errands and an appointment.

Dinner tonight will be simple. I'm thinking stopping for a pizza while I'm out sounds like the simplest meal. I'll make a salad as well.

The rest of the week is looking like this...

Baked Beans w/Meatballs
I'll use premade meatballs from Costco and heat them up with some baked beans. I'll serve buttered pasta and a green salad along side this meal.

Chicken Enchiladas
I'll add beans and cooked sweet potatoes with the chicken for the enchiladas and use green enchilada sauce. Tortilla chips, salsa and salad will be served with this meal.

Simple and good. Spaghetti will be served with veggies (I'm thinking brussel sprouts or fresh green beans), french bread and salad.

Asian Pork Ribs
I'm going to use THIS recipe. My daughter Emily, tried it and said it was good. I'll serve rice and veggies on the side.

That should do it for the week!


  1. How have you adapted from such a full house and cooking for so many to now cooking for just a few? I'm finding it difficult to cook at all. My desire to cook anymore had faded away.

    1. oh my word.. yes!! It has been so hard.. just today.. I was using up some leftovers to make chicken noodle soup.. and ended up making enough to feed an army.. now we are stuck eating it for a few days.. LOL.. yes.. it has been a problem for me.. for sure..


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