Homemade Strawberry Jam

Hello Everyone! I'm finding it hard to keep up lately with my blogging, so I'm taking a little spring blogging break..

Hubby and I are planning a little vacation time as well during my break.

While I may not be here with my usual posts, I do have several posts to keep you going in my absence. They are past posts that I'm sharing again and I hope you enjoy them..

I will be back in a couple weeks or so, back to living my regular scheduled life :) and of course, blogging and sharing with you all.. Crystal 

~~ This is a post from 2014 and with strawberry season right around the corner here in the PNW, I figured it was timely..  Nothing beats homemade strawberry jam!!  :)

I was a little late in the season or getting my berries. It is the tail end of strawberry season here and the raspberries are now coming in. But I really wanted to make a few jars of jam. Nothing says summer sweetness like homemade strawberry jam. So my girls and I headed out last week to find berries. We found a produce store that still had them! So I grabbed a couple boxes…

That night I made my family strawberry shortcake for dessert (recipe here ) and the rest were used to make jam. While I was out I also grabbed a ½ flat of raspberries. The kids kept snacking on them (which is ok with me!! Need to enjoy them when they are in season). I used the remaining raspberries in some of my jam as well the next day.

If you’ve never made any kind of jam or jelly I have step by step instructions on my website for making a few different types of jam. You can find those instructions HERE. My son took a few pics while I made the jam.

I started by washing jars…

Then measuring and crushing berries. I used store bought pectin and followed the directions on the package as to how many berries and how much sugar.

I put the crushed berries on the stove and added my package of pectin…

Stirred this and brought it to a boil. Then when it was boiling I added the sugar…

Stirred again and brought it to a full rolling boil (one that cannot be stirred down) and let it boil for 1 minute. Then removed from the heat and began filling my jars, and wiping the tops, putting on a new lid and then ring…

Into the canner it goes. Jam is canned in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.
After that I put the jars on a dishtowel to cool…

And that was it! I repeated the process a second time with my strawberries and the third batch was half strawberry and half raspberry. The measurements and amounts for strawberries and raspberries are the same.

It probably won’t last too long, but at least we can enjoy this summer sweetness a while longer.


  1. That looks like a huge amount of head space in your jars; I've never seen so much before. Where did you find the recipe?

    1. Hi Anon, the head space is what I typically do.. the recipe is from the pectin package.
      Crystal :)


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