Friday in the Kitchen

Friday in the Kitchen is about sharing some of the food I've been cooking in my kitchen recently.

IP Thoughts
When you make food in the Instant Pot you will end up with a lot of liquid leftover from cooking. A pressure cooker needs liquid in the recipe to come up to pressure. Recently I cooked up some butternut squash, white beans, and chicken (all separately) in my IP. Here is the liquid I was left with...

I use this liquid to cook with! You can use the liquid as broth in any recipe calling for chicken or beef broth. I ended up using what you see above in making my soup. I also use some of the cooking liquid when I cook rice. There is no need to dump the liquid. I've even frozen it for later use.

Amazing French Bread
I was serving soup one night and was planning on having french bread on the side. But I wanted to jazz it up a bit. And oh my goodness this was wonderful!

I started by slicing the bread down the middle (long way), then I sliced it side to side. I melted a cube (stick) of butter and added about a teaspoon of granulated garlic to the butter. I then drizzled the garlic butter between the slices in both directions. Lastly I took some mozzarella cheese and stuffed it between the slices. I wrapped it all in foil and put it in the oven at 350 for about 20 or so minutes. The results were delicious .. my family went nuts over it. It was half gone before I could get a picture of it! :)

A Legacy of Cooking
My aunt (actually my hubby's aunt, but she is my family too.. :) ) recently sent me a copy of her own personal cookbook. She is known as a wonderful cook in the family. It was an amazing gift. I felt very blessed to receive this from her. Years ago I had her Swedish Meatballs and searched in vain over the years to recreate them. I was so excited to see her recipe in her book. I will be making them soon. Her book is filled with wonderful recipes and a life of cooking food and making people not only happy and content but loved and cared for. Food has such a bond in our life.

What inspired me about this gift was the thought of doing this too. What a great legacy to give to my family. I'm sure there are many options for doing this online. I've not researched it yet, but I plan to. At this point I'm thinking about Christmas gifts this year. I wanted to share this with anyone who might like the idea as well. There is plenty of time left in the year to put something like this together.

That is all for this week!!


  1. That bread looks delicious! Will you be posting the recipe soon? Katie

    1. Hi Katie! I did not follow a recipe, I just winged it.. :) in the instructions below the picture I gave the measurements of the butter and garlic and cooking times.. Hope that helps! Crystal :)

  2. Hello Crystal! I love the cookbook. I have one that the ladies in my mom's church submitted recipes and the little girls put them in cookbooks for a project. I still have mine. It is little and cute. LOL I also have a Christmas candy cookbook my mom did one year with all of our family Christmas recipes in it that she gave her three girls.

  3. I would highly recommend that you create a cookbook for your family. My brother in law created one for each sibling of my husband's Mom's recipes after she's passed. He included family pictures in each of the index tabs. Some of the recipes are in Mom's own handwriting which makes it even more special. My husband and I treasure that cookbook.


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