Natural Solution for Dry Eyes

I've been dealing with dry eyes for a few years now. I have other eye issues including double vision at a distance. But my biggest problem has been extremely dry eyes. I wear contacts but even when I don't wear them my eyes are dry.

I go to the eye doctor once a year and he has been trying to help me solve this issue. I was put on steroid drops at one point that did help. But they have side effects, like so many other drugs. After that the doctor put me on prescription eye drops called Restasis. This worked very well. I put the drops in morning and night. Their main goal is to increase your own tear flow.

I have one big problem with this. When you stop putting the drops in your eyes, you go right back to where you started, dry eyes. So you are tied to the drug. I have a personal issue with this. If it at all possible I have no desire to be on a prescription for the rest of my life. I know for some, it is necessary. I don't want to be tied to that if at all possible. I will do whatever I can to avoid this.

After a year on Restasis, our insurance plan changed (by our choice) and they no longer covered prescriptions until our deductible had been met. Our deductible was pretty high. And when I went to get my monthly prescription of Restasis I was told that the cost was, $500! Yes, $500 a month. I was in shock. There was no WAY I was going to pay that. So, I started looking into more natural ways of dealing this. Something I probably should have done sooner. But I was listening to my doctor.

As I researched here is what I found. You loose tears in two ways. The tear ducts and evaporation. While I could not find any natural ways to increase my tear flow I did find a natural solution for slowing down the loss of my own tears. When the loss of tears is slower, the eyes stay moist longer.

What I found was not only inexpensive but effective! The solution? Castor Oil. I put a couple drops in each eye at night before I go to bed. 


I have been doing this now for about 2 months and my eyes are no longer dry. I have been shocked by how well this has worked for me. And how simple it is.

In the morning before I put my contacts in I wash my eyes with warm water and a small drop of baby soap to remove any residue oil. Simple, effective, natural and inexpensive.

Of course I am not a doctor or as specialist in any of these areas. I'm not giving advice, just simply sharing what I found to have worked really well for me. I have had no side effects from this at all.

One thing I did learn as I was researching this was that the castor oil must be organic, cold pressed and hexane free. This is important. Hexane is a solvent used to extract oils and not something you want in your eyes. Organic is important as you don't want pesticides in the oil either. And cold pressed oils are the most natural way to extract oils from plants. 

Here is the castor oil that I purchased... 
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I also purchased a dark colored eye dropper bottle...


In all I spent about $20 for a solution that has worked amazing!



  1. I have been using this for the past 2 years but I put it in my eyes the first thing I wake up and it helps throughout the day. I keep my small dropper bottle and the castor oil in the frig to keep it fresh but I was very thankful to find this effective and cheap solutiong.

    1. Nice to hear from some else that has success with this.. I would do it in the morning except I wear contacts and the oils on the contacts don't work for me.. and I also am so thankful to find this effective cheap solution!! Thanks for your comment!!

  2. Thank you for this idea! I suffered from dry eyes for quite a few years, but when I stopped using commercial face products, my dry eyes got better. I still have issues every now and then, and will definitely give this a try.

    1. That is a great tip.. I don't use commercial face products.. I just use my own soap.. but.. if anyone does.. it is good to examine everything that might be causing the issue..


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