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I'm a little late with this Father's Day Post but wanted to share this again.   This is a repost from a couple years ago about my father.  I miss him very much and think of him often especially this time of year....  

This last weekend was Father’s Day. I reflected on what an awesome husband I have. He has been an amazing father to our children, and I am certainly blessed. I am thankful that my children have grown up with a good, hardworking, loving and caring father. I had this as well in my childhood.

Father’s Day also made me reflect on my own father. He was a wonderful father. He was always there for me no matter what happened. He believed in me. He always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to do. He encouraged my life’s endeavors and supported the decisions I made. He was an independent thinker, always thought outside the box and passed this trait on to me. I learned from him that being my own person, having my own thoughts and ideas (even if they go against “mainstream”) is ok. I see this trait in me in many ways.. I homeschooled when no one else I knew was doing this, back in the day when people would find out I homeschooled and ask, “Is that legal?”. I and my hubby had our own conviction, and felt it was what God wanted from us. I home birthed when no one else around me was doing this; and so very many other things such as this.

My father had a love for the great outdoors. He loved to hike. Even into his 60’s (and up until he died at age 72) he would set out into the forest with a backpack and camp and hike for a week or two at a time. I have many memories of dropping him off at his favorite hiking spots and picking him back up when he was done. Sometimes he went with friends or family. His grandchildren enjoyed hiking with him. Sometimes he went alone because he craved the peace & quiet that only time in the mountains would provide him. He was my real life example of a modern day “mountain man”.

He loved to garden and this is where and how I learned to garden and love it as much as he did. One of his joys was coming to my house and helping me weed and rototill my garden. He also loved to can and had no problem helping me during canning season.

He loved his grandchildren and would often come to my house just to be able to spend time with my children. Take them for walks, help them with their chores and spend time talking with them. My older children (and nieces) have loving memories of time spent with him. He loved to read and would always spend time with his grandchildren reading to them.

He was a good friend to many. He was always there for his many friends being the first to lend a hand and help them. He could fix and repair anything. He often befriended older people and would help them with simple things like grocery shopping or mowing their yard. Not only did he give of his time to many people, he had very little financially but what he had he would give without hesitation if he found someone in need. He had a huge heart.

My father at age 72 set out for one of his hikes late one summer. When he did not return when he should have we contacted the Ranger Station near where he had gone hiking. They knew who he was from his many trips into the forest. A friend of my dad’s knew one special place he liked to go. They got a search team and followed his friend into the forest. They found my dad, sitting in a camp chair with a book in his hand. He had passed away quietly, without stress and right where he loved to be. I know for a fact that this is exactly how my dad would have wanted to go if he had been able to make the choice.

I miss him so much. So many times I just want to sit and have coffee with him (he & I shared a love of a good cup of strong coffee :), or even have a phone conversation with him. Today I cherish each and every memory of him.

My Dad… all packed up and ready to head out on one of his hiking adventures:


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