Instant Pot Macaroni & Cheese

I'm still amazed at all the things you can make in an Instant Pot (IP). Macaroni & Cheese is another one! Everything is done right in the IP. No pot of water boiling, no draining, no separate pot to make the sauce. And it is all done in record time. I have yet to try and convert my favorite mac & cheese recipe to the IP, but I'll give that a try one of these days. For now I follow a recipe I found online. At the end of the post I'll give the link to the recipe (and it is from an awesome IP recipe site!).

The ingredient list is pretty simple, pasta of some sort. I used a mix of pasta I had on hand. You will also need canned milk (or half n half), cheese, mustard, hot sauce (it is not spicy, just adds a nice flavor), butter, salt and water. Pretty simple..

Put the pasta, water, mustard, hot sauce, butter and salt in the IP...

Put the lid on, set to “Sealing” and press the “Manual” button. Set the time for 4 minutes.

It will come up to pressure, then cook for 4 minutes and beep when it is done. Do a QR (Quick Release) of the pressure and open it up. You will have nicely done pasta with no liquid leftover..

Now add the canned milk and cheese....

Stir that creamy goodness all up....

And serve....


The recipe can be found here:    This is a great site with all kinds of IP recipes!

My Instant Pot (affiliate link)...


  1. This sounds good but I've never heard of an instant pot. What is it? Is it a pressure cooker of some sort?

    1. Kathy it is an electric pressure cooker. I did a post about it here..


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