Menu Monday!

Hubby and I have plans for several days this week and may not be around for meal time. I told my kids that they were on their own. My daughter Sierra likes to cook and she already has a couple meal ideas. My son Isaac, not so much of a cook. I suspect he will be eating sandwiches and hot dogs for a few meals.

Sierra said she would like to make Thai Coconut Chicken Curry for one meal. And cook up some salmon that I have in the freezer.

For the meals that I do plan to cook...

Super easy and quick in the IP. Salad and tortilla chips will be on the side.

We love lasagna around here and if I make enough it usually lasts us at least a couple days and everyone has leftovers to take to work. French bread and a salad will be served with it.

That should do it for the week!



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