The New Guest Room

I want to share what a wonderful job my sister in law did, once again, in helping me create another guest room in my home. As my kids have moved out I've found myself with unused, extra bedrooms. A couple years ago she came and turned one of them into a guest room. You can see her talented work here:

This year it was time to do another room. So at the beginning of the year I called her, because she has the biggest heart ever, and asked if she would come and help me. She was all over it. But weather and other issues kept her from coming here (she lives in Montana) until this month. She came with totes full of decorating stuff and the motivation to paint and turn this room around!

The room previous belonged to my daughter Leanne. She had painted it her favorite color combo several years ago, red and brown. Now it was time for it to be repainted. I picked an tanish white color (the same I've used in other rooms). I wanted a fresh look and feel.

This is what we started with. I ran and got my camera just as the primer coat was going on. My house is an old farm style house with the slanted ceilings in the upstairs bedrooms...

After it was painted and we got the bed moved upstairs which was a story in itself. It is a queen size bed. We began by moving the box springs up the stairs. But, it would not fit. The clearance was too small to get it up the stairs. Life in an old farm house!! My sister in law was not to be stopped that night. She and I proceeded to disassemble the box springs. And much to my surprise you can do this.. if you are determined enough!! We did manage to get it upstairs and then put it all back together again! What a night that was. It took us 2 ½ hours do this.

But the end result was well worth all our efforts. The finished room...

What a fun week we had doing all this. My sister in law is just amazing and I love her so much. We've been friends for over 30 years and are truly more like sisters than sisters in law.



  1. omg its beautiful Crystal,your SIL is very clever,enjoy your gorgeous new room :)

    1. Thank you Shez!! She is very talented for sure! :)

  2. Beautiful! The room is so calming with the color choices and actually appears larger even with the big bed. I love it! Would you mind sharing your paint colors? Kim in MT.

    1. Thanks Kim. The color on the walls is called Sedona and is made by Miller Paints. I know Miller Paint is a Pacific Northwest company and I'm not sure if it is sold in other areas. The trim was painted white.. the base white color, no other tints.

    2. Crystal, thank you so much. I am going to go and google it and see if I can find it in my area. Kim in Mt.

  3. As I already told you - it's gorgeous. I love it so much! She did an awesome job!
    Now onto the bathroom!! 😬
    Cathie ❤️

    1. Thanks Cathie.. and yes.. one day.. we will tackle the bathroom!! :D


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