Menu Monday!

Last week was crazy busy with family here. But so much fun. I now have another guest room all painted and decorated thanks to my amazing sister in law. I'll be sharing all about as soon as I have a little time. :)

This week is now clean up and organizing all the things that were cleaned out of the room so I expect it to a busy week as well. My menu will be simple.

I ended up making bbq chicken sandwiches over the weekend for everyone and I still have enough leftover to feed us tonight. So that is dinner along with coleslaw and potato salad.

For the rest of the week...

Fish sticks
Simple and easy. I plan on making mac & cheese and a salad to go with them.

Roasted chicken
I did not get this made last week. So it will be made this week. Potatoes or rice and green beans will be sides.

Pork chops
I have not figured out what I'm going to do with them quite yet. But I have a package in the freezer that I want to use. Beans, rice and a salad usually go well with any way they are fixed up.

Chicken enchiladas are pretty quick to make and a yummy. Tortillas, salsa and a salad will round out the meal.

That should do it for the week!



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