Menu Monday!

This week's menu is another simple week. Lot's of things to do and easy is the word for my week!

Today we are having leftover fish sticks and mac & cheese. I made a big batch yesterday so we could have the leftovers. I'll also be sharing my mac & cheese made in the Instant Pot later this week!

The rest of the week is looking like this...

Sub Sandwiches
Warm weather is in the forecast and sandwich night with fruit is always an easy go to meal.

It's been a while since pizza was on the menu. It was sounding pretty good to me! A salad on the side makes it a great meal.

A yummy flour tortilla filled with refried beans, seasoned hamburger, salsa, cheese and sour cream. Fresh fruit along with tortillas and extra salsa will round out the meal.

That should do it for the week!!

Happy menu planning!!


  1. I was just wondering what brand of fishsticks you use or if you make them homemade. Thanks!

  2. Amy I use the brand Trident from Costco.. they're very good.


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